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You have a clinic in the Philippines. You've realized that things can be done better and simpler. What now?


You Need a Complete Clinic Management System

Electronic Medical Records

Queueing & Appointments

Billing, HMO & More

Report Generation

Thousands of other doctors have made the switch.

It’s time to make your practice simpler. 

SeriousMD helps you in every aspect of your practice. It's the clinic management system that you've been looking for.

See more patients SeriousMD is the best EMR out there because of it's note-taking capabilities. Doctors don't have to write and bother with unnecesary or redundant things. Their complete focus is with their patients. 

Track your finances For most medical practices, the hardest part is actually keeping track of the finances. Are you growing? What's your expected income coming in next month from HMO's? How much did I earn 3 months ago? All of those can be answered instantly if you use SeriousMD.

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Peace of Mind SeriousMD is compliant to the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines. The software has the latest security technology. There's also automated backups amd you also have the ability to control what your staff can or cannot see inside the app, along with a way to track all their actions. 

Have more time With all the ways you optimize your operations, you'll start to see the best benefit of using SeriousMD. More time for yourself, your family and the activities that you love to do. What would you do with more time?

Increase your revenue As you use SeriousMD more and more, you'll start to see other ways to optimize your practice. You'll be able to see double the number of patients you normally see in day. You also have an optional online profile to help you get more new potential patients.

Words from those who use SeriousMD (and love it)

Real success found by real doctors who made the transition to SeriousMD. (You can find more at the lower part of this page)

Best EMR for Filipino MDs. This EMR has a very responsive tech team, and problems are resolved almost instantly. The software itself evolves - and the evolution is better, easier to use and understand, and useful to clinical practice.

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- Dr. Carlo Cornejo

You Need a Clinic Management System for Your Medical Practice in the Philippines.