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4 New Things To Help Doctors In This COVID Crisis (1/4)

Copied from the recent email newsletter

SeriousMD is officially 4 years old today 
and in these trying times, it’s really no time to celebrate.

We’ve been pretty quiet the past weeks as we’ve been in quarantine and grinding to get these new things out for you.

In less than 10 days, we’ve built these 4 things to help you cope with the current crisis and we HOPE that you’d be able to use them to help yourself and your patients.

Some of your fellow doctors have seen these announcements in the Facebook Group as that was the only place we could announce quickly without affecting our productivity.

A “pakiusap” at the start: everything is not going to be 100% perfect. These are all new and we are working on all these components at the same time, most of which are built from scratch with the little time we had.

With the current crisis, good enough is better than perfect. Improvements will be done everyday.

Magtulungan po tayo, a bit of patience and understanding at the start.

There will be 1 email everyday for the next 4 days.

I promise to keep the next emails short…. I mean, I’ll try. 😅

There is a PROCESS and a plan behind the madness.

It starts here.

Please read until the end for a teaser of what’s coming in the next email.


Announcement #1: SeriousMD Version 2 (Web App is Live)

First things first. For those that have not updated to the latest SeriousMD iOS app yet, please download it from your App Store or thru this link

Now, you might be wondering why you need to do that kasi walang “visible” change on the iOS app.

Well, we need you to update the app because we are now releasing SeriousMD V2 on the web app for everybody.

The iOS app update makes it compatible.

SeriousMD iOS V2 is currently in the “testing phase” and being optimized, so it has not yet been released.

So, our small “pakiusap” is please bear with us during this transition phase.

Yes, the design of SeriousMD on iOS will still be in V1, but BOTH V1 and V2 can be used at the same time.

All the new features that I’ll be talking about WILL have heavy demands and require the latest technology.

That is why we had to bring out V2 now during this crisis to be able to handle the new features we’re bringing to you.

Here is the link to SeriousMD Version 2 (Google Chrome Recommended)   Just add a V2 at the start.

We will be slowly transitioning EVERYBODY using the web to V2 in the next couple of weeks. We will be phasing out V1 soon.

The main purpose of V2 is to make it more flexible behind the scenes, have integrations be possible and of course, lessen your clicks to make you even more productive.

And so on. Cumulatively, you will save even more time.

Feel free to play with it while we have this quarantine in place. Others are using it already daily since the past week.

ANOTHER reason why we need to use V2 on the web, is because we’ve ALSO finished a way for you to charge your patients remotely and it’s only available in V2.

You can send bills remotely and get paid by using the Billing module inside SeriousMD.

Yup, just like how you normally use SeriousMD as your EMR and practice management app.

How does it work? I’ll continue on the next email.


Want a head start? Join us in the Groups Here

To the new doctors that just signed up recently, yes, this is how we do things. We are not robots, you can talk to us.

Though we are not seen at the frontlines, we are also getting things done behind the scenes. 😊

Check your inbox tomorrow for the 2nd email (2/4)

Take care and stay safe doc. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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