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March Updates – A Recap

march seriousmd updates

We’ll probably do more of these recap blog posts this year. We normally just put everything in the newsletter but as we have to announce more and more things, the email tends to get a tad long.

So, here’s a quick recap on some notable things in March. The rest are in the What’s New area and in the Email Newsletter 🙂


NowServing Patient Portal

Your patients are now able to access their records online via the NS Patient Portal. Just login or use the link they receive from you.

They can then do the calls while on the browser, check the prescriptions you’ve sent, book schedules and more.


Schedule Blocking

We released this initial update to let you block off selected dates. If your day is full, you can just click the toggle and it will block off the date for bookings.

There will be more improvements and enhancements for this feature moving forward to help you further optimize your scheduling process.

MediCard Verification Has Started

We’re starting with the next phase of our partnership with MediCard. Doctor verification has started and if you haven’t yet, please check here to see how to get started.

Once this stage is complete, we’ll be able to help you verify LOA’s that are submitted, for both Face to Face and Virtual consults.

A Focus on More Visibility

As there are more and more limits nowadays with the traditional ways of getting found by patients, we’ve started rolling out more ways to give more accurate information and send more, potential patients to your booking pages. We’ve started different strategies on different channels to get patients to discover your profiles as well. On a side note, those that want a basic website for added visibility, we’re starting a beta test for it as well at the moment.

As we are investing more on sending traffic your way, we’ll also have to optimize as to who are seen.

An algorithm is in place, so that historically unresponsive users will of course, not benefit from these efforts as it will just confuse patients and hurt the trust of the platform if they book and they don’t get a response.


That’s it for this recap, the rest will be in the monthly newsletter. Stay safe everyone! More to come!

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