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The NowServing App – Reimagined

SeriousMD NowServing App New Update

A few months ago, we released a completely new design for the NowServing app to address a lot of things that we previously couldn’t.

If you’ve been using the NowServing app the past months, you might have noticed that it blinks and shows a white screen when you load the app initially. That means there’s another new update.

Yes, much like with SeriousMD, we have been pushing out improvements and new features to the NS app consistently.

Fast forward to today, we’re now releasing another major update to the NowServing app. Please update it from the App Store/Play Store first if you don’t have auto-update for apps turned on.

Due to all the new additions and enhancements, the previous design of the app is not as intuitive enough anymore. Finding information and performing transactions intuitively and efficiently felt like a struggle.

Also, we have other features coming up to make your life even easier, so we have to factor those in the app’s design as well.

Our main intention here is to redesign how things are organized in a way that “requires no explanation.

The app will feel familiar but graphically different and completely built from the ground up behind the scenes to make it more flexible to the upcoming features.

We’ve reorganized the menu and all information inside the app to make navigating around the app a lot more intuitive for your patients. The redesigned Files section houses all notes that your patients receive from you.

The new Services section houses all the current (and future!) services that we can offer to your patients to aid in accommodating all their healthcare needs. That said, whenever you send Prescriptions or Lab Requests to your patients, they will be able to have an easier time to order medicines or generate a Hi-Precision discount coupon for their tests.

There are a lot more coming up, including a way to make it easier for doctors to communicate with patients and adding options to messaging.

That “feature” for your forms that you’ve been asking for? That’s also finally coming because of this release and yes, a big update to the NowServing directory is coming up as well.

We’ve worked hard to bring you this app and we’re continuing to work day in and day out on updates to better improve the app even through all the challenges of this pandemic.

Like we always say, NowServing is still a work in progress but you can rest assured, it’ll continue to keep improving.

We thank everyone for the constructive feedback, both from patients and doctors. Though we are oftentimes silent and working in the background, we do listen & learn from your feedback and will continue to improve our products and services.

We look forward to being able to help you, your patients and their families even more in the coming months.

Thank you for supporting us and be sure to let your friends know to join in and start making their clinic and virtual lives easier.

The best doctors in the country are already inside SeriousMD and NowServing.

Keep safe!

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