Why Use SeriousMD?

SeriousMD is a patient & clinic management system built and designed for the Filipino Obstetrician/Gynecologist's workflow.

Works With Your Staff

SeriousMD works offline but works even better online. Have staff? It syncs perfectly with multiple devices.

Perfect Medical Records

The clinic & patient management software that's perfect for the patients you serve. OB Wheels? Yup, it's here.

Your Schedule At A Glance

See an overview of your whole month using the calendar. How many patients do you have today? 

Multiple Clinics?

SeriousMD is built to handle multiple areas of practice. Have 5 clinics? Have 10? Manage all of them, easily.

Organized, Stylish Notes

Insert medical records, track your patient's medical history and add stylish notes the way you like it.

Secure Data & Backups

Never worry about your data again. Your data is securely encrypted and backed up 24/7 on our secure cloud servers. 

Analytics & Reports

Gain meaningful insights into how your medical practice is doing with analytics that matter to you.

More Special Benefits

Track billing, print wirelessly, import from your old system and get more patients with our Patients App.