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(3/4) Online VIRTUAL Consults Inside SeriousMD?

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This was taken from the newsletter that was sent out yesterday

You’ve now heard of the Version 2 announcement from the other day and the online billing feature yesterday, and this one is the biggest one yet.

Announcement #3 is about Virtual Consults. 

Please read on.👇🏼
Downloadable guides at the end.

Apparently, we don’t have to announce it anymore.
Seems like a lot of you have started virtually consulting with patients already!


We only had a little time to build this out, again, I ask for your patience.

We’ve worked on this for 9 days, not 6 years like others have. We will continue to improve it and we have been doing so.

As you know, we are primarily a practice management and EMR app but with the current situation, we just wanted to offer our help to all of you and your fellow HCW at the same time. 

So with that said, we are officially launching Virtual Consults.

You can now do online consults with your SeriousMD account.

You can do it in both V1 and V2 but we just suggest using V2 directly.


1. Login

2. Your patients should have a primary mobile number and/or email address

3. Optionsl but recommended: you “can” queue the patient if you want to schedule all your online consults

4. Press Start Virtual Consultation and away you go!


My Personal Suggestion:

Just so you can see the process.

It’s actually just 2 steps if the patient is already in your database.

Your virtual consult will open in a separate tab on your browser.

For now, side by side muna, 2 browser tabs open, half the screen with SeriousMD, the other half with the video consult session.

We eventually will merge them together into one screen.



What’s the Send Mobile App Link button for?

Sometimes your patients might not listen and just deletes the link they got from you. You can send the unique link again by using this. If the consult is not yet right now, you can use it to send a link early, so they can download the Now Serving app ahead of time.

Can I send files and can patients send files?

Yes. Once you’re in a call, a chat specific for your session will turn on. You can send and receive from there.

Will you charge me for Virtual Consults?

Though it costs us money for each video session along with running and hosting this, we will not be charging for it at least at this time. Contrary to popular belief, video isn’t free. Viber video calls, FB calls, though they may seem free, it costs those companies a lot of money, so they have to get it back somewhere. For us, if you use the Billing module to bill the patient, the added charge helps us at least to cover a portion of the costs we incur with Virtual Consults, so if possible, please use it. 😊

It only works on smartphones?

Yup, it works on Android and iOS. Sadly, it will not work with old Nokia 5110 phones.

Why do the patients need to download the app? Other services don’t let the patient download apps anymore.

Because those other services cannot do what we can do as a whole. The Now Serving app is linked to your EMR. You can send your instructions, labs, prescriptions, images through the app. There’s a chat feature. Patients can see a record of their consult transcripts. There are also other features like booking requests, knowing their queue number, being notified if it’s almost their turn and more.

So I can only do Virtual Consults from the web app right now?

You can also do it on the latest version of the SeriousMD iOS app. iOS 13 is required.


We’re super tired, we’ve been grinding these things out and we’re running on fumes.

We’d really like to get a couple hours of sleep and be back for some more updates tomorrow, because we’re not yet done.

ENJOY! ❤️🎉😊


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

For Doctors:

Download the Step by Step Guide Here

For Patients:

Download the Step by Step Guide Here
Something you can share with patients.

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