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Thinking About Switching From Medix To SeriousMD? Here Are 4 Questions To Consider First

Do They Offer You Full Offline Access?  

SeriousMD is built to work offline, fully featured, so you can take your records anywhere you want to. It also works online to sync data automatically to backup your database and to enable you to work with your staff all at the same time. 

Do You Have Access To Proven Templates To Keep Records And Make Prescriptions? 

SeriousMD gives you access to a set of proven templates already used by thousands of other physicians. Just pick a template you want and you can take notes the way you want to. Want to take a picture? Want to create a lab/imaging request? Need to print out prescriptions? Have a template you need for your specialty? Just create it. It's all here. Oh, you can also print it out wirelessly.

Can You RUN Your Whole Medical Practice On Your iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) Device?

Through iOS, you to take your data offline and bring it with you anywhere, securely. Doctors love SeriousMD because they can take it with them and take notes right after an operation. It also doesn't eat up much space on their desk, like a computer, which hurts the doctor-patient interaction. It just works.

Are You Able To Send Messages And Communicate with your Fellow Doctors?

You can commmunicate with your fellow doctors and even refer patients to them to offer better care.

SeriousMD also gives you automation to help you remind patients and lessen no-shows.

See for yourself. SeriousMD is 100% Free to Get Started.