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The app has become an indispensable tool in my practice. We are currently using 4 iPads at any one time to facilitate the volumne of data we are currently faced!

- Joselito O’Santos, M.D. -

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Our Story

"With SeriousMD, we aim to improve lives by finding solutions to providing better healthcare for the Filipino."

SeriousMD got its start when one of the founders accompanied a loved one to a medical checkup. What they thought to be a simple symptom turned out to be something more.

What had begun as a simple visit to one doctor now became several checkups with many. One lab test became many different tests and procedures.

Juggling all of these things became a huge challenge. Just trying to fit appointments into each doctor's schedule would take hours, not to mention all the time spent on lab tests and procedures. They also struggled to remember the different diagnosis and prognosis of each doctor they met.

Misinformation and misdiagnoses seemed to multiply by the minute.

Stress also added to the man's worsening health. It was a frustrating situation...but also very common.

With a lot of time in between seeing doctors, they got talking with other patients and realised this wasn't an an isolated experience. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos run into the same troubles each year making themselves sicker with stress at a time when they should just be focusing on getting better.

It was from this realisation that they decided to do something about it. It didn't make sense to have patients suffer more because of the current way of doing things. Patients and doctors need a way to connect and understand each other more easily. And from that, SeriousMD was born.

And from that, SeriousMD was born.

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An App that Fits Your Practice & Patient Management Needs
You can manage your whole practice in one app. Serve more clients and get more business. Improve doctor-patient relationships.

Secure Data with 24/7 Backups
Keep your files safe, no matter what happens. Your data is kept secure with the latest encryption protocols and backed up 24/7 on our secure cloud servers.

Better Informed Diagnosis
Access your patient’s records - medical history, previous consultation notes and past health records - anytime and from anywhere.

Get More Patients
When you sign up for a SeriousMD account, patients will automatically be able to search and find you on our network of MDs.

Works Offline and Works Even Better Online
While SeriousMD Doctors app works offline, it is best used connected to the internet. Being online allows your data to be safely and continuously backed up to the cloud in real time.

What Doctors are saying about

I’m very happy that you are constantly improving this app & providing wonderful support. Your work is an enormous benefit to the Philippine healthcare system.

Alembert Lee-Ong, M.D.
Colorectal Surgeon

Having an app which has an elaborate design and yet easy to use enabled me to keep track of all my patients' records anytime, anywhere - even when I'm away.

Leila Hedriana-Baroña, M.D.

I just did surgery and accessed SeriousMD Web on my iPhone to document and input my notes in the operating room! I love the accessibility of the app!

Byron S. Angeles, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon