About SeriousMD

"With SeriousMD, we aim to improve lives by finding solutions to providing better healthcare for the Filipino."

SeriousMD got its start when one of the founders accompanied a loved one to a medical checkup. What they thought to be a simple symptom turned out to be something more.

What had begun as a simple visit to one doctor now became several checkups with many. One lab test became many different tests and procedures.

Juggling all of these things became a huge challenge. Just trying to fit appointments into each doctor's schedule would take hours, not to mention all the time spent on lab tests and procedures. They also struggled to remember the different diagnosis and prognosis of each doctor they met.

Misinformation and misdiagnoses seemed to multiply by the minute.

Stress also added to the man's worsening health. It was a frustrating situation...but also very common.

With a lot of time in between seeing doctors, they got talking with other patients and realised this wasn't an an isolated experience. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos run into the same troubles each year making themselves sicker with stress at a time when they should just be focusing on getting better.

It was from this realisation that they decided to do something about it. It didn't make sense to have patients suffer more because of the current way of doing things. Patients and doctors need a way to connect and understand each other more easily.

And from that, SeriousMD was born.

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