NowServing Directory Listings

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help send patient traffic to your booking pages. A lot of people need healthcare and there’s definitely a big gap right now with how they can get help.

NowServing doctors directory listing

We’ve already invested and we’re continuing to invest a lot of time / energy and resources in making the NowServing platform awesome and driving tons of new patients to it to find doctors using SeriousMD. We are doubling down to increase that even further moving forward.

There are some caveats though so we have to set some rules for the listings that are on the NowServing Doctors Directory.

Though a majority of patients are happy, we get avoidable support messages, reviews and complaints from patients.

This, in turn, will affect the doctors that are already benefiting from the NowServing directory because it affects growth, word of mouth, net promoter scores and basically the overall patient experience.

We care about you, our users and your patients, so moving forward, the following will have an effect on the ranking algorithm handling how profiles are shown and discovered on the NowServing directory for virtual consultations:

1. An emphasis on % response to appointment requests, % acceptance rate, response time, calls & billing

Basically the usage of the built-in features of SeriousMD, while giving patients a better overall experience when they send in an appointment request all the way to the end of their consultation.

Profiles that are not engaging with booking requests or have a lower score will be given a lower ranking and eventually, delisted from NowServing if completely non-responsive.

2. Complaints and messages about missed appointments will be reviewed accordingly

Here’s a sample that we just got:
“I have a scheduled virtual consultation with Dr. _______ today at 4pm. I was wondering why Doctor still hasn’t called me. It is past 4 already.” – Sent by patient at 7:30pm

Sometimes, this can be a misunderstanding. Sometimes, the doctor completely forgot. We’ll be investigating this accordingly to further optimize the experience, perhaps to even build other features to help. On the flip side, this is also applicable to patients so we are also building ways to protect you and ban specific patients.

3. Doctors that signed up only to get patient leads to direct to a competing platform

For those that signed up for SeriousMD to solely funnel patients to a competing or separate platform, SeriousMD/NowServing is not for you.

Once detected by the system, the profile will be delisted from the NowServing directory. Not only will they benefit from our efforts, their support issues only ends up with us, all the while, taking away opportunities from the actual doctors using SeriousMD.  

The NowServing platform is still a work in progress. 

We have a lot more planned to help bring in even more patients and improve visibility for everybody. A design overhaul is in the works and patient traffic from partnerships with other healthcare companies are also in the works.

We look forward to growing NowServing further to be at the forefront of Philippine healthcare, so we can continue to help patients connect with you and get the healthcare that they deserve.

Let’s continue to revolutionize how healthcare is provided in the country.  ✌🏽