SeriousMD – July 2020 Update

This was originally a newsletter but doubled down into a development log, so it might as well be posted here on the blog. We’d like to keep you in the loop of what we’ve been working on and what releases to expect in the coming weeks, so if you’re interested, read on. 1. Accept Payments […]

Back to Clinic Features You Can Use

As more and more doctors are starting to go back to the clinic as measures are lifted a bit more, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tools you probably couldn’t use during quarantine but might be useful once you’re back in the clinic. For those still in areas in quarantine, […]

(4/4) Online Bookings – For NEW and Existing Patients

Taken from the newsletter sent to everybody yesterday Let’s Do a Quick Recap: Day 1: Version 2 announcement Day 2: Online billing feature Day 3: Virtual consults Day 4? Let’s complete it. Online Booking is now available! Even new patients can now request for an appointment. ​ Please read on.👇🏼 Have you Googled yourself recently? Your patients probably […]

(3/4) Online VIRTUAL Consults Inside SeriousMD?

This was taken from the newsletter that was sent out yesterday You’ve now heard of the Version 2 announcement from the other day and the online billing feature yesterday, and this one is the biggest one yet. Announcement #3 is about Virtual Consults.  Please read on.👇🏼 Downloadable guides at the end. Apparently, we don’t have to announce it anymore. Seems […]

(2/4) Billing Patients From Anywhere

This is again taken from yesterday’s newsletter sent out to everybody Following the Version 2 announcement yesterday, this is Announcement #2 and it’s about online billing.  Please read on.👇🏼 We heard your calls and read your messages. Some of you got crafty and offered different channels to accept payments. But here’s the thing, a majority of doctors are […]

4 New Things To Help Doctors In This COVID Crisis (1/4)

Copied from the recent email newsletter SeriousMD is officially 4 years old today and in these trying times, it’s really no time to celebrate. We’ve been pretty quiet the past weeks as we’ve been in quarantine and grinding to get these new things out for you. In less than 10 days, we’ve built these 4 things […]

Philhealth CF4 Form Generator

You’ve all heard of the Philhealth CF4 form. You’ve heard their reasons for creating it but…   … personally, I haven’t heard of anything positive about it at all from the doctors. Here’s just a sample: So we thought, heck, let’s just make the most of it.  Most of the data of the CF4 is […]

Trello For Medical Records?

We get asked by doctors very often, practically everyday, about how they can move from their current EMR system to SeriousMD. I thought I’ve already heard of all the systems out there. Apparently, not all, because I was actually shocked to hear when I heard about a doctor in Bacolod and 1 doctor in Makati […]