(4/4) Online Bookings – For NEW and Existing Patients

This blog post is from 2020 – if you’re a patient that lands here looking for your doctor, please visit https://nowserving.ph/ to book a schedule ———————————————————————————— Taken from the newsletter sent to everybody yesterday Let’s Do a Quick Recap: Day 1: Version 2 announcement Day 2: Online billing feature Day 3: Virtual consults Day 4? Let’s complete it. Online […]

(3/4) Online VIRTUAL Consults Inside SeriousMD?

This was taken from the newsletter that was sent out yesterday You’ve now heard of the Version 2 announcement from the other day and the online billing feature yesterday, and this one is the biggest one yet. Announcement #3 is about Virtual Consults.  Please read on.👇🏼 Downloadable guides at the end. Apparently, we don’t have to announce it anymore. Seems […]

(2/4) Billing Patients From Anywhere

This is again taken from yesterday’s newsletter sent out to everybody Following the Version 2 announcement yesterday, this is Announcement #2 and it’s about online billing.  Please read on.👇🏼 We heard your calls and read your messages. Some of you got crafty and offered different channels to accept payments. But here’s the thing, a majority of doctors are […]