(2/4) Billing Patients From Anywhere

This is again taken from yesterday’s newsletter sent out to everybody

Following the Version 2 announcement yesterday, this is Announcement #2 and it’s about online billing. 

Please read on.👇🏼

We heard your calls and read your messages. Some of you got crafty and offered different channels to accept payments.

But here’s the thing, a majority of doctors are still not able to receive payments at this time and a lot of you are doing free consults right now.

We wanted to help by giving you an option to charge without straying away from how you’ve always used SeriousMD.

So, we’ve put this integration together for you.

Quick Notes:

As you already know, our billing module will give you freedom to charge what you want and do it quickly (and it’s integrated to your reports)

For this initial release, we will are not forcing “charing a patient” on any process.

  • This is NOT a “paywall” where people pay first before they can do anything.
  • You are free to send bills at any point in your process.


Because a lot of your existing patients won’t be able to get through due to bank/card issues, especially with community quarantine in place.

What If You Want Payment First?

The bill can he sent before hand as it’s not really restricted to a specific process.

You can ask your secretary to bill first and once the payment is done, then it can be confirmed by the secretary with the patient. It’s up to you.

Eventually, we’ll put an automated setting to make it pay first if the doctor wants that option. Right now, it’s just not the right time for us to work on that.


How Does It Work?

So let’s say you just finished doing an online consult or even a face to face one.

  • Go to Billing (SeriousMD V2 app and iOS app😊)
  • Create a New Bill
  • Press the Save & Send Pay Link button (we will rename this, we’re just short on time)

Patient will receive a link to the bill via SMS and email address.

They click the link and checkout.

Feel Free to Give It a Try:

  1. Add yourself as a patient in your account.
  2. Make sure you put a Primary Mobile number and/or email.
  3. Then try to bill yourself (the fake patient) and you’ll notice the “Save & Send Pay Link” button will be highlighted.
  4. Press it and it will send you a link via sms and email.

To get a feel for what the patient will see and do, try to pay it.

Once you are done, you can just go back to your account, and VOID it to reverse the payment you just made.

Technically, your secretary is actually going to be doing this. 

Doesn’t hurt to try it out though 😊

That’s really it!

When the payment goes through, it will show as “Settled” in your History tab. You also get an in-app notification for each payment.

Though currently limited to just credit card payments and Paymaya accounts, it’s a start.

We will try to add other payment channels there soon.

So the more patients you can push to use this, the higher the chance we can integrate directly with your favorite payment partners in the future.



  • We are not an HMO. You charge your amount and you will get paid that amount. Period.
  • Weekly payouts direct to your account
  • Which banks? ALL major banks. BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Unionbank, RCBC, PNB, AUB, Sterling, East West etc.
  • Preferred bank? We prefer BDO please
  • How do you know the details of my bank? Please update it in your Settings area
  • Who gets charged? The patient.
  • How much? Php75 + 5% of bill. To get this feature released as early as possible, we’re literally just covering the fee for the transaction and we have not yet factored in other costs. Note that we have not even increased our subscription plans so new costs like online video calls, notifications and others are not yet factored it. We’ll return to this and figure it out after ECQ.
  • Why are they charged? Because each transaction costs us money, plus the costs of services we use to run this, to host this, to secure this, to maintain this and effort to handle it. If there’s no charge, we’ll go out of business. 😅
  • Who pays for the SMS to the patient? That would be us, too.
  • Is the charge before the consult or after the consult?  It’s up to you.


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • Just use the billing module
  • Press the Save & Send Pay Link button to send the payment link
  • Patient receives the link. They pay it.
  • We basically act as your secretary that receives the money.
  • We give you your money 👌

I know today is April 1, but this is no April’s fool joke.