How Does an EMR Reduce Costs?

We all know that a lot of doctors are resistant to adopting electronic medical records. It’s understandable because things already work fine for them. Some know that it can be useful anyway but also look at it as extra work to implement, something scary to learn, or just don’t like the idea of patient records […]

5 Ways to Serve Your Patients Better & Look Cool Doing It

Let’s get one thing straight right now: patient care is not reducible to customer service. There will always be times when what is medically best for a patient may not be what he wants. When this is the case, good (perhaps even ethical) patient care can go against good customer service. That said, customer service […]

The Top EHR Post-Launch Challenges and How to Fix Them

We just showed you how to implement SeriousMD as your practice’s EMR solution. Now we have to talk about the challenges you face after launch. The first thing to remember about EHR implementation is that it can be a drawn-out process. In some senses, it might not even be one that really ends. Post-launch, any […]

4 Smart Ways to Become a Mobile Doctor

Do you consider yourself a mobile physician? Chances are, you already use at least one portable gadget when dealing with your practice. Thanks to advances in portable technology, medical professionals can now help patients outside clinics better than ever. This benefits physicians themselves too. For one, it gives them access to even more patients than […]

Join Our IOS Beta Program

If you’re interested in getting a sneak peek of what’s coming down the road (such as time-blocks, improved health records etc.) and helping us test the SeriousMD iOS app, then you should apply for the iOS beta program. The beta program helps us find bugs, eliminate crashes and understand which features and modules our doctors rely […]