EHR Implementation Step 1: Installation et al

Even after you have settled on SeriousMD or some other EHR, your task is far from done. You now have to implement your EMR solution. Implementation of any EHR is a process. You cannot just pick a program and enforce usage of it throughout your whole organization in a single day. A series of steps […]

March 8 Is International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day. We already talked about how the Philippine version of this event in our article on National Women’s Month. In brief: In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly declared the holiday. In 1988, Philippine President Corazon Aquino signed Proclamations 224 and 227. In 1990, the above precedents led to approval […]

Philippine National Health Insurance Program Month

National Health Insurance Program Month was created by Presidential Proclamation No. 1400. The precise period of celebration is not actually February itself. Rather, it is from the 8th of February to the 8th of March. The thrust of the celebration is to promote awareness of the National Health Insurance Program or NHIP. In the Philippines, […]

Philippine Children’s Month and Child Malnutrition

November is National Children’s Month in the Philippines, but it was not always that way. Former-President Fidel Ramos’s Proclamation 267 originally set October as the month of occasion instead. The year before that, Proclamation 74 had set October 17 as National Children’s Day. Both those prior proclamations were repealed in 2015 by then-President Benigno Aquino […]

Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week

The third week of January is National Autism Consciousness Week in the Philippines. It was made so by President Fidel V. Ramos’s Proclamation No. 711 in 1996. Interestingly enough, the proclamation states that it was created in light of “a growing incidence of autism among Filipinos”. However, there is yet insufficient data to make that […]

Roundup: Best Medical News for December 2016

Female Physicians Post Lower Patient Mortality Rates A study by Yusuke Tsugawa and other researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health was published on the 19th on JAMA showing that patients with female doctors tend to have lower mortality rates. The cross-sectional study went over data of Medicare beneficiaries and discovered that […]

Philippine Health Emergency Preparedness Day

Did you know that as many as 53% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in the presence of a witness? At least, that’s what the Philippine Heart Association’s records show. What’s alarming about it is actually shown by another statistic: that only 36% of those cases receive first aid. In most cases, bystanders simply do not […]

World Mental Health Day and the Philippines

World Mental Health Day is a fairly young celebration—but then, respect for mental health is also fairly young in the mainstream. The first time the occasion was observed was in 1992, thanks to the efforts of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). In spite of all the World Mental Health Days since then, however, […]