Best Medical News for December 2018

Stanford Medicine’s Health Trends Report Claims Increased Democratization in Medicine Stanford Medicine’s Health Trends Report has just come out, and continues a theme it previously touched on last year. According to the report, there are 3 key influences driving the democratization of healthcare today: intelligent computing, information sharing, and data security. As the healthcare data […]

ERP 101 for Doctors on SeriousMD

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the management of key business processes through a system of integrated applications. Why do businesses do it? Well, among other things: Combining formerly disparate systems can save time when accessing them. Using a single software solution for different processes lowers the costs of staff training. Staff collaboration is easier as […]

5 Ways for Doctors to Get More Patients Online

Some say doctors shouldn’t be offering their services on the Web: that it reeks of the quack for a healthcare professional to peddle himself thus. That seems a prejudiced view, though… especially when just about everyone else is going there. You can look for plumbers, cleaning services, and even lawyers on the Internet. Why not […]

The Top 10 Portable Gadgets for Doctors in 2017

Not too long ago, itinerant physicians had few choices with complex medical equipment. Oh, scalpels, needles, gauze and pills could all be stuffed into a bag. But when it came to bulky monstrosities like ultrasound and EKG machines, medical mobility was challenged. That’s changed now. Now, you can perform an ultrasound right from a patient’s […]

The 10 Best Medical Schools in the Philippines

It’s time to figure out the answer to the question: what are the best medical schools in the Philippines by 2017? Naturally, we should start by discussing how we determine “the best”. The Criteria: What Makes “The Best” The Best? So how do we tell which are the best medical schools in the Philippines? The […]