EHR Implementation Step 5: Launch

If you have been following us from Step 1 of our guide to EHR/EMR implementation, you know we are now at the last stage: the launch. In other words, it is time for you to actually begin using your EHR. There are actually several ways of going about this, so it is up to you […]

EHR Implementation Step 4: Data Transfer

We taught you how to install and configure your EHR/EMR and how to assess your practice for better implementation. Now you may want to actually set up your data, i.e. start importing existing patient files into your EHR. There are several ways to do this. Which one you choose depends on your preferences:   1. You […]

EHR Implementation Step 3: Practice Assessment

If you’ve been following our guide to EHR/EMR implementation starting from Step 1, you should have finished both installation and configuration of the software. The next step is to take stock of your practice. You may have done this prior to choosing an EHR, but it is worth reviewing it. Among other things, this step […]

EHR Implementation Step 2: Configuration

Assuming you have signed up / installed your EHR as we described in the first step, the next thing to do is to start setting up the software to suit your needs. Some settings can be decided or changed later, but try to get all the basics right early on. This includes things like your […]