Save Time Charting: 5 Real-World Ways Doctors Maximize Time

Many doctors nowadays are being made to use “crude” EMR software that just slows them down. It’s why there’s a perception that all electronic medical records will simply waste their time.

That’s an untrue generalization. For example, SeriousMD Doctors was built to adapt to any kind of practice and process. The app offers a unique, simple and easy interface, yet has robust charting capabilities.

In other words, it’s built to help doctors maximize time.

Now, we designed the app together with physicians, testing it all the way. So we knew it was actually capable of doing that (maximizing healthcare provider time) when we released it.

Still, we did wonder if new users would discover that for themselves and which time-saving functions they would use the most. After talking to doctors around the country, here’s what we learned:

5 Ways Actual Doctors Use SeriousMD to Save Time on Charts

First off, the automated, electronic nature of SeriousMD already makes obvious a lot of efficiency gains over paper record-keeping.

Finding old records takes time with paper records. SeriousMD helps you access them anytime.

Accessing records in your other clinic takes time until you can get to the clinic. SeriousMD lets you access your records from anywhere.

Waiting for staff to check appointments takes time. SeriousMD allows you to see your schedule in one glance.

And then there’s charting. This has always been the most controversial part of going digital for medical doctors.

Does it save you time? Does it add more time? Does it add work after clinic hours?

After talking to hundreds of doctors, we came up with these 5 ways different doctors with different specialties save time charting by using SeriousMD each and everyday.

1. They take pictures.

SeriousMD emr photos

Doctors can append visual note/records to their files by using the feature for adding photos.

Even though there are doctors who really want to transition to a paperless practice, there are certain clinic setups that offer limitations.

Fortunately, pictures can help.

By taking pictures of their notes, doctors can easily import and store their notes using the app so they can be revisited in the future.

Have old records? Take a picture of the old paper records before they fade.

2. They use automated medical charting and sorting.

SeriousMD emr smart charts

Smart charts not only calculate figures for you but can also be set to display it in meaningful ways to observe progress.

Charting also involves looking at a patient’s medical history, allergies, past procedures and more.

You can easily enter information in an organized, concise manner. Smart automation is also applied, such as auto-calculating Age of Gestation.

Depending on the specialty, some information may be more salient to your checkups than others. SeriousMD Doctors also allows you to sort and arrange information to only see what you need. It just works.

3. They go mobile.

SeriousMD emr doctors app and website

With SeriousMD, you can take your data with you wherever you go.

There are certain situations when you won’t be able to use a computer to type your records quickly. Fortunately, you can now use a smartphone and start tapping away on a Notes app.

With SeriousMD Doctors, you can access your files directly from your smartphone and add the notes right there or just take a quick picture of your notes and the lab results.

4. They make legible, 1-tap print-outs.

SeriousMD e-prescription template

E-prescription makes things easier.

It’s not uncommon for a pharmacist to give a doctor a call because he/she couldn’t understand what was written on the prescription. The same goes for the patient.

By using a template to create a lab request or even a prescription, doctors can easily produce a legible print-out.

The best part? You have a complete medicine database inside the app and you can pre-save your most-used medical drugs.

You won’t have to use your stamp to put your license number on it, you won’t have to remember how to spell out the medicine’s brand name and you certainly won’t have to waste time answering a call from the pharmacist.

5. They use templates.

SeriousMD emr templates

Smart templates make paperwork faster.

As already mentioned above, by using actual usable built-in templates, you’ll be able to save a lot of time.

From creating lab requests, to creating a medical certificate, everything you need is just a tap away. No more redundant letters to type over and over again. Just fill in what’s needed and print it out.

Your Most Important Asset

Doctors know that they themselves are their most important asset. That’s why their time is valuable.

Unfortunately, the way a lot of medical processes work tends to eat up that time. Bureaucratic bottlenecks make it worse.

That’s where the SeriousMD Doctors app comes in.

Besides medical charting, we also integrate medical billing, scheduling, complete practice management and more to keep everything in one integrated process to make your life easier while saving you valuable time.

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