SeriousMD x Google Calendar Integration and More

It’s looking more and more like we’re all just going to be adapting to at least having a surge every X months, things are at least looking like it is settling down in terms of the pandemic.

Looking back, the past 2 years was all a blur to us as we were releasing things left and right. We hope we were able to at least help you out during those times and continue to do so moving forward.

A lot of what we did the past 2 years were “reactionary which led to some disconnected experiences with some features or simple things such as button placements that could be better.

For the earlier part of this year, we set some targets so we can continue to clean things up behind the scenes and also fix up the small things that lead to an overall better experience of using SeriousMD and NowServing.

There are still a lot more as we have a whole board of them and we’re sniping them off 1 by 1. We don’t announce them anymore because they are small adjustments and improvements.

We were also building processes to further improve how we do things, so that’s why we’re also doing more research and interviews (both doctors and patients) to be able to design, build and release features.

We did miss some target features in Q2 because we needed to adjust the timing again due to the surge at the start of the year and some urgent integrations but we hope to get back on track and still reach all the goals for this year.

We’re also working on a secret project, maybe I could announce it by the end of the year if things continue to move well with it. 🤖

Now, for some of the recent updates.

Google Calendar Integration

One of the most requested features on our list was to have a way to integrate and show consultation appointments inside Google Calendar. It’s now possible! Click here to see how.

Apple users: Enable sync to your Google Calendar account, then add the Google Calendar account in your Apple Calendar.

Partners Area

There’s a new partners area inside your account.

The goal of the Partners area is to be able to have a place inside SeriousMD where we can show integrations that provide value to your medical practice, so you can provide even better care for your patients.

For the launch of the Partners area, we’ve started with a new type of integration with Hi-Precision.

As long as you are tagged as the referring physician or patients that used the test request you’ve provided for them, then you will be able to see the results here even if the patient did not go through the NowServing app.

We’re currently still building up the partners area. We believe it will bring tremendous value for you, your care for your patients and your practice in the long run.

If your hospital or organization or facility is open to integrate with us, please let them know that they can reach out to us at any time.

Profile Announcements Area – Pop Up

2 years ago, during the start of the pandemic, we announced in the app that we can show a popup on the doctor profile page, just so we could help with informing your patients on what they need to do.

It was all manually done and we were basically reacting to the situation. We shifted that to a form later on but it wasn’t as customizable.

As things are still continuously shifting week to week and even day to day, we’ve released an updated Profile Announcements area.

You now have the control to change the alignment.

Your MediCard patients can now also request an LOA for both online and face to face consultations from their NowServing app. There are also new Sub-Specialties, Services and Social Media Images you can select.

What’s Coming Up Next?

A new HMO integration is coming in July. An update related to prescriptions is coming up next as well! Watch out for that one! ❤️