New SeriousMD Update for Quarter 1 2022

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I wrote this old blog post. This month, we’re officially on our 7th year for SeriousMD. Time is flying by so fast, it’s crazy.

We’ve been in the trenches and working on major projects to further enhance our goal of making healthcare and healthcare technology accessible for everyone, so much so, it feels like time just passed by so quickly. 😅

A lot of the things we’ve done during the first quarter of 2022 were primarily geared at longer term projects (bigger projects such as group calls, messenger overhaul & structural-related things) and catching up on minor enhancements. We’ve mainly been releasing updates and bug fixes behind the scenes, which is why we’re not posting much. There’s nothing sexy when talking about adding buttons for more control, adjusting the interface, improving load speed and things like that. We’ve also dedicated some time working on our internal processes, which will eventually help things be more efficient in the long run.

As we all continue to adapt to the new normal (cliche 🥴) – SeriousMD will continue to be your partner in your day-to-day medical practice.

This month, we’ve released our first major feature of the year…

Group Calls

We have finished re-designing and recreating the virtual calls feature from scratch. Today, Group Calls for SeriousMD is now finally out.

Currently, group calls can have up to 4 participants:

  • The doctor and the patient are staples in the call like always
  • You can invite 2 other people to join the call by copying and sharing the link or sharing the links to the patient or sending the link to the person to be invited. (We’ve heard about various use-cases, such us parents that want to join the call, doctors with patients here but relative overseas wanted to join the call, to doctors that wanted to invite residents to join the call. I’m sure there are a lot more use-cases, so be sure to let us know how it helps you!)

As the virtual calls feature was recreated from scratch, this update gives us leeway to add enhancements more efficiently in the long term, so what you see now will still be improved over time.

All New Profile Pages

We’ve released a huge update as well for your SeriousMD Profile pages. It’s a completely new design that will also reflect consistently on the NowServing app.

– Badges

Your new SeriousMD Profile pages will now show a badges area. The badges act as extra customization on the page, much like hanging a certificate on the wall of your clinic. These badges are not shown on the directory results. The badges are only visible when your page is loaded.

– Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a list of common questions that patients ask you by now. We’ve added an all new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area inside your SeriousMD account, so you can add all the answers there and patients can see the details even before they book.

We have more plans for your booking pages and improving visibility further, but for now, we have to admit, the Profile page design has come a long way from what it was a few years ago. We really hope you’ll love it. ❤️

Anyway, that’s it for this post. I know a lot of you are going back to clinic now because I’ve been getting messages about “I didn’t know that I can use SeriousMD in my clinic and not just for teleconsult!” more and more lately.

Just means we’re not doing a good job conveying that for doctors that just joined. 😅

If you end up here from the newsletter email, and you’re going back to clinic soon but plan to continue with online consultations, you definitely can use SeriousMD for both.

SeriousMD‘s core software will and always be, a Practice Management application (Electronic Medical Records/Appointments Management/Billing) with Telemedicine Features and more. If you have clarifications about using SeriousMD in the clinic or any of our features, feel free to schedule an online call here or leave a message in the support area. Talk to you soon! 😊