Another Year with SeriousMD

Just a few years ago, we set out with a vision to improve healthcare in the Philippines. We launched a lone iPad (only) app to the Apple App Store and just got started there.

We had a patient list. We barely had notes.

SeriousMD Doctors - Practice & Clinic Management System, Schedul

Awww… Version 1.0

We didn’t even have a proper prescription.

We did have a queue list. 😂

Yup, you can say that it was literally a glorified patient list back then, but it was still the best glorified patient list at that time.

But things quickly changed over the next few months. We busted out update after update.
Learned from our mistakes and listened to feedback. We just kept grinding.

Over the course of the next months and years, we were told that we weren’t good enough.

They said that serving and working with doctors will be a dead end.

Well, we view things a little bit differently.

Today marks the start of the 6th year, officially, for SeriousMD. 🎂

We’re still alive, grinding, releasing updates every single day (though you won’t notice many of them on the front end) and the team has also been relentlessly churning out and planning out enhancements.

I’d also like to add that I couldn’t be more proud of the SeriousMD team for stepping up during the start of the pandemic.

We had the whole 2020 planned out since December 2019, only to be thrown out the window in a span of 2 days 😐 and replaced with a completely new roadmap to be able to help our existing users. Those that have trusted and worked with us since even before this pandemic started.

I still remember every second of those 6 weeks of non-stop, practically 24/7 grind to churn out version 2, online booking, online billing, virtual consults, and many more. That’s excluding the webinars, demos and working with issues that came after that.

It’s been a wild ride to say the least and this is shaping up to be another crazy year. We’ve release a new call update, iOS features, Mac M1 support, NowServing improvements for the site and the app and tons more in the works for EMR improvements.

I’ll talk about some of the upcoming plans in the March and April newsletters, so if you haven’t, be sure to sign up for your free SeriousMD account. 😉

Like I’ve said before, we’d like to look at our small company like the little train, that could.
We do hope you can continue to support SeriousMD and of course, please tell your peers about us. 😂 (Pretty please?)

Thank you so much for all your support. It kept us going even when we were running on fumes. There’s no emoji that can show how much we appreciate it. 

We look forward to better years, bigger challenges and of course, better healthcare.

Be healthy, stay safe.