Now Serving App Update

The new update of the Now Serving app is out. We’ve been secretly working on it for the past 3 months.

We’re very thankful for the thousands of people that sent us messages about how Now Serving has helped them and their families during the whole quarantine phase.

And of course, we’ve heard all the issues and complaints as well, which we dissected to conclusively identify what the real causes were.

Now Serving was primarily created back in January 2020 to aid with queueing.

This is to help patients know that it’s almost time for their appointment and they can head back to the clinic. Remember those days when we can freely queue in the clinic?

We were still improving the process in February and planning out releases for the whole year.

Fast forward 1 month later in March 2020, ECQ happened and we had to adapt Now Serving to be able to help aid doctors and their patients.

We practically had to slap on what we can to be able to make online appointments, messaging, notes, electronic prescription, billing and online calls work in a pre-existing app design to be able to release and help as soon as possible.

This is why a design overhaul was needed as soon as we had a bit of breathing room.

Now with all the experience and feedback we’ve gathered the past months, we’ve worked hard to bring you a new experience and we tested and worked with over a hundred patients directly trying to improve the design and experience.

Our first priority going into the redesign process was to be able to secure the patient’s account and stop patients from entering the wrong numbers when booking, which prevents the doctor from making the call while we end up being blamed. 😅

We also needed to improve the calls as there are those with slower internet speeds that just cannot cope with video calls. We wanted to optimized and push call connectivity to it’s limits.

Another is to be able to handle multiple doctors and multiple patient profiles as seamlessly as possible.

Our work with the integrations (medicine delivery, labs etc), updates for filling up and signing forms are all factored in the design as well so it would be possible for us to start releasing these updates once the initial release is stable.

We’re excited to get the new version of Now Serving to all of you.

We know there’s always “birthing pains” with all new major versions but we are confident that it will be minimal. Once the patient is on the new app version with a verified profile, it should be smooth sailing from there.

We have so much planned for the coming year. We look forward to bringing you even bigger and better things in 2021.

Happy holidays everyone and stay safe!