Putting Focus on Continuity of Care

Here’s another new major update for SeriousMD! ❤️

This update took longer for us as we had to recreate (again) the whole app to adapt to newer technologies available.

Pulling the curtains a little, internally, we call it the Post-Consultation Follow Up Workflow update, which is a mouthful, but essentially, this update would help you improve the process of how you schedule your patient’s next consultation with you.

One of our goals this year is to improve the continuity of care that your patient will receive. For this new update, we wanted to put a big focus on improving the follow up process and helping patients be reminded (and show up) for their consultation with you.

All New Follow-Up Process

We’ve added a new way to set follow up appointments, so patients are encouraged to confirm their appointments with you. You’ll also be able to receive payments as well for that follow up, if indicated.

On top of that, by being able to confirm their follow up, you’ll have a better idea of your schedule and you’ll be able to allot unconfirmed slots to patients that need your attention. Read more about it here.

SeriousMD started back then with a follow-up workflow that allowed you to just indicate the next follow up date. Times are again a-changin’.

Just as we adapted with you during the heights of the pandemic, SeriousMD is again adapting to the changing of the times and new behaviors.

Invite Patients to Book

Sometimes, you just need a way to send an invite to a potential patient to book an appointment with you. If the patient is not yet in your SeriousMD account, you can send them an invite directly from inside your SeriousMD account and they will receive an invite message to book an appointment with you.

Dashboard Update

This update to the dashboard is to better arrange/present information and have the flexibility to add relevant information in the future updates.

Minimum / Maximum Age Restriction

You can now set a minimum and/or maximum age for patients that book on your profile page. If you’re primarily seeing patients within a certain age group, you can now set it up in your account!

Patient Referral Enhancement

To further enhance the care the patient receives, we’ve added a new enhancement to the patient referral process. When referring a patient to another specialist, the patient now also receives the booking page link to invite them to book with the doctor.

We’ve also addressed some bugs and introduced a lot of other enhancements that are not going to be covered anymore on this blog post. More enhancements to this update are coming soon!

The start of 2023 has been a whirlwind for us to say the least. We’ve hit a lot of milestones but we know we also failed to hit one of our target updates from last year’s list. It’s taking some time to work through behind the scenes but we’ll be pushing out the next major update really soon!

Please keep supporting SeriousMD and please share SeriousMD to your fellow doctors!