DOH + SeriousMD & NowServing

Here at SeriousMD, we’ve always welcomed partnerships and collaboration. Being in the health industry, it’s all the more important to be able to work with different organizations as we continue to strive to better healthcare in the Philippines.

In this next update, we are collaborating with the DOH’s efforts to improve anonymized epidemiological data from tele-medicine consultations.

The accuracy and reliability of the statistics will benefit with your aid in marking if your case is a diagnosed COVID-19 case after a tele-consultation. Rest assured that no personal information will be involved in this endeavor as we are only keeping track of counts.

doh seriousmd nowserving telemedicine partnership

Once this coming update is released, you will see a selection similar to the image above after a tele-consult session.

Simply select your answer and you’re done!

Once you save, it’s also automatically listed in your patient’s History tab, so you can refer back to it whenever you need to.


automated notes for covid




Another update that’s included in this release is to allow your to be able to send/attach files directly inside the messenger thread with your patient. Image thumbnails should also show a preview now.

send files directly in seriousmd messenger


The team is still deep in the trenches working on the Messenger overhaul/redesign, which is our next major update. It’s literally building a messenger app from the ground up.

The current messenger inside SeriousMD was built pre-COVID so the things it can do are pretty limited. That’s why we’re basically building a whole chat app inside SeriousMD. I hope to be able to provide some updates about it in the coming months.

That’s it for now! It’s almost the holidays and we’ll see if we can squeeze in 1 more surprise update before the year ends. Stay safe!