Clinic Management Update

Note: This update will be released on October 9, 2021 at around 11pm. This is the biggest structural change in the past 3 years so please allow 3 hours of possible downtime for the team to work on this and test it. Things should be back up to normal by 2am in the morning. 

This affects both and, so it will also affect bookings during those hours.


When SeriousMD was released years ago, we focused on getting started with electronic medical records here in the Philippines with a dash of practice management.

For the following years, we’ve been working on improving multiple aspects of the app to make it a complete practice management platform.

There were still a lot of room for growth and we were preparing for version 2 and a patient app that would help with queueing… then the pandemic happened and we had to find ways to connect doctors using SeriousMD to their patients with practically no time.

With all those rushed things, a lot of things will fall in the cracks that are not considered in “ideal” workflows since they are not part of the original design, at all.

Our recent releases for the NowServing app were just the start of us finally having some breathing room to start working on improving and solidifying the workflows.

Today, we’re releasing the new clinic management update for SeriousMD Doctors.

This might look elementary and will look like just simple clinic settings, but this fundamentally changes a huge structural side of SeriousMD. This not only affects clinic settings, but it also affects the queue & calendar, which have been there ever since the beginning, as well as the more recent booking and online features linked to it, like billing and calls.

Previously, we had to make use of our clinics section and turn them into make shift “online” clinics where you had to use “Visit Types” in the app, which worked but was a bit confusing to set up.

Today, we’re removing that and really nailing it down to something that makes sense when setting up. You’ll also have some more control with how long you’d be able to guarantee responses to appointment requests, specific fees when when using the Paywall and more.

Here are just some of the things included in this update:

When you load your clinics section, you’ll see a new button for Clinic settings and you’ll be able to do the things below.

Clinic settings

Automatically close online bookings for the day

Previously, you had to manually close your schedule so that bookings outside your clinic hours won’t go through.

Now, you can automatically set this and let the system handle it for you.

latest clinic bookings

Add multiple paywall rates

You now have more control with fees for your paywall.

Paywall rates


Dedicated online clinic feature

For solo practice accounts, you now have a dedicated online clinic setup. Those that still want to continue their current setup, can still use the current queue for those existing clinics and assign patients there.

online clinic seriousmd nowserving

Control your reply time guarantee for bookings

You currently have a 24 hour booking response time. With this update, you can now adjust it and set it to 48 hours if you prefer. It’s always best if your patients can get a response about their booking request earlier, though! We’ll probably add more options in the future.

booking response time guarantee

Easily control which HMO’s you will accept for certain face to face consults and your online consultations

You can now easily control what HMO’s you accept for your online bookings. Just select the HMOs, then check the boxes for the schedule.
hmo clinics

Those are just some of the enhancements included and there are more for you discover.

This is of course a major/required update for iOS.

It’s been a while since we released a required update as we try to minimize these types of updates as your sync won’t be able to work without updating first.

There are some more enhancements already lined up for this update. We just have to get this out and in your hands so we can start with adding the supplementary updates.

We’ve also started working on our next surprise major update and we can’t wait until we can share the news with all of you.

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