Philhealth CF4 Form Generator

You’ve all heard of the Philhealth CF4 form. You’ve heard their reasons for creating it but

PHIC Philhealth CF4


… personally, I haven’t heard of anything positive about it at all from the doctors.

Here’s just a sample:

So we thought, heck, let’s just make the most of it. 

Most of the data of the CF4 is already saved in SeriousMD, why not just help the doctors generate it then?

Well, here it is!

Introducing SeriousMD’s Philhealth CF4 Generator!


PHIC Philhealth CF4 Generator inside SeriousMD


You have 2 options with the CF4 generator.

Generate it based on the data already inside your notes and usage of SeriousMD or start creating it from a blank CF4 form.

During the beta phase, we worked closely with a lot of our users and we know definitively that it saved them a lot of time.

The form is filled up with the HCI info/patient details/complaint/admission date and time/etc. all automatically, couple all those with the built-in RVS databases, the saved orders etc. then let’s say you can practically print it out and submit as long as you use SeriousMD.

What if you don’t use SeriousMD? Well, you can choose to continue and write all those CF4 forms but we think you should just join the thousands of other Filipino MD’s that area already managing their practices and patient records daily via the SeriousMD app. What are you even waiting for?

It’s free to sign up and get started. Need more proof? Ask other doctors.


Note: This post is not referring to an e-claims system. This is for generating the CF4 so you can print it out and minimize the wasted time doing the CF4 form. Doing e-claims is for a facility to process. 

Those that need a Philhealth e-claims system for their facility, please contact us here and we’ll hook you up with an PHIC E-Claims system.