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Thinking About Switching From Practo To SeriousMD? Here Are 3 Questions To Consider First

Do They Offer You Complete Offline Access?

Let’s start with this. Here’s the difference between SeriousMD and Practo – we're built to run for Filipino Doctors.  

SeriousMD is built to work offline, fully featured, so you can take your records anywhere you want to and work when your internet just fails all of a sudden. It also works online to sync data automatically to backup your database and to enable you to work with your staff all at the same time. 

Do You Have Unlimited Storage For Your Online Backups?

SeriousMD wants to keep it simple for solo private practicing doctors, like yourself. Once you choose to upgrade, you won't need to worry about your storage anymore and it's secure.

Are Your Private Patients On A Separate List Even When Sharing A Practice Location? 

SeriousMD keeps your patient list separate even if there are multiple SeriousMD doctors in your location. We also allow unlimited staff members and they have their own access limits that only you can set. Simple. Adaptable. Reliable.  

Built for the Filipino Doctor. 


I heard Practo is stopping operations in the Philippines. Can I easily switch over to SeriousMD?

Sure! You definitely can! We've imported the Practo databases of many doctors over the past years into SeriousMD. Just contact us so we can help you out.

Are you going to be increasing your pricing each year?

If you subscribe now, your price stays the same unless you cancel or upgrade to another higher plan when offered. In terms of our offered pricing, we might increase prices over the years but we won't raise your price if you are already subscribed. The earlier you subscribe, the better.

Do you have support? I've been having support problems with Practo.

We’re glad you asked! We have live support inside the app via chat or email. If you need further support, just let us know. Just check out our reviews or join the private Facebook group and ask other doctors if you want more proof.

Do you have a lock-in contract period? 

If you are thinking about 2-year lock-in periods like what cellular networks offer with all sorts of paperwork, we don't. We have a monthly option if you want to pay monthly but if you prefer our annual option, you can pre-pay 12 months worth of access to SeriousMD Pro for a discounted rate. 

See for yourself. SeriousMD is 100% Free to Get Started.