Version Update: SeriousMD Doctors Version 1.5

Whats New

It’s that time of the month again and here’s another major update. This took longer than the last major update because of the sheer size alone. Slowly but surely, we’re going to make this the single best practice management app for doctors.

Anyway, you probably know what this update’s “main event” is if you are part of the groups, so let’s get started with the midcard.

Auto Log Off

We’re gearing up for our upcoming security update.

To start things off, we just released Auto Log Off for extra security right now. After x hours of inactivity, you’ll be logged off automatically.

What’s the security update? It’s an update that we’ll tell you more about soon, besides literally being about security (fingerprint/pincodes/etc.)

You’ll love it.

Vitals – One Input Form for All Vitals

You said it, we heard it. Here you go! Just enter all your vitals in one place.

Auto calculating BMI!? Here you go!

Goodbye extra taps.

Vitals and Track Patients App Software

Show Total Number of Patients

There’s now an indicator of how many patients are in your patient list. You can find it at the top!

Web App Users

You’ll notice that the web app now looks better than ever. Go on, try it on your iPhone. See what changed.

Love it? Tell us about it!

(Be sure to clear your cache and refresh your browsers to see the changes.)


Here are some more things that we fixed. We’re giving props to the docs that found them.

  • Joey Bug #2 – Power user Doc Joey just found another rare sync bug. Possibly the LAST one.
  • Leila Bug #1 – Duplicate Patient bug found by Doc Leila. Fixed and will never happen again!
  • Byron Bug #1 – Landscape bug found by Doc Byron. Shouldn’t bother any of you anymore.
  • Added a Disclaimer to the Medical Clearance / Medical Certificate templates – shoutout and thanks to Doc Gia for this recommendation.
  • Updated List for Health Records and Hospitals – Special thanks to Doc Robles for some of the things we’ve added.
  • We now have a pretty Clinic Archive Button
  • We have officially removed the Vitals template from the notes area. Everything goes through the Vitals tab now! Look out for even more advancements there. Coming to a tablet near you.
  • Oh, we have new and pretty screenshots in the App Store as well!

EMR EHR Philippines

Main Event: SOAP Note/Form

Before anything else, we’d like to let you introduce you to the new Physical Examination template that was created specifically for SOAP.

Oh, and yes, you can still use it as a standalone template for notes outside the SOAP process.

We also have a new “SOAP preview” in the Doctor’s Notes tab that you have probably seen by now. Let us know if you like it!

So, let’s get started!


S is pretty much “S”traight-forward. Just tap and type in the text. We got some updates lined up for this already.


O is where all the fun stuff begins. What you’ve previously thought was impossible is now possible!

Complete charts for your patients. Add what you need and want to see. Because, why not?

  • At the top part of O is a place for you to see the latest vital readings taken.
  • The popup that you’ll see for vitals is unique because you are able to enter a new set of readings or you can just refresh it to grab the latest results if your staff was just late on uploading the readings. It’s just that simple.
  • You can tap on Physical Examination and select what you need from the popup.
  • The app will automatically identify the part of the body that you want to focus on, besides automatically showing the right gender.
  • You can attach imaging results
  • You can take pictures or upload new images
  • You can attach previous notes (old prescriptions/text) that you’ve taken for the patient but just want to use it as reference
  • You can attach Vital Charts (show graphs over time!)
  • You can leave your remarks as well by simply tapping the button.

Everything you need to add depending on the situation of your patient, it’s there along with automation.

No matter what your specialty is, it just works.


A – Much like S, this is currently just straight to the point. Just tap the button to add text boxes that you need.

A big part of the improvements soon will be in this part, especially, with a searchable and updating ICD database.


P– You can add your prescriptions here, create lab requests, suggest a procedure and explain your overall plan. If you think it’s simple yet awesome now, just wait for the next update.

(If you have suggestions for any part of the SOAP template, we’re just a message away!)

That’s it! Look forward to more in the upcoming updates, including an ICD database, patient referrals, automatic abstract creation and a ton MORE!!!!

Now, go ahead, play around with the new update!

As always, just drop us a message inside the app if you want to suggest or clarify anything.

We know that nobody will ever appreciate the pretty piece of logic and code behind the SOAP template. If you followed us on Snapchat, you probably saw all the trials and hardships behind this HUGE update. It’s why we took so long, plus the iOS 10 update was released during that time.

We’d be really grateful if you could give us a new 5 star review here in the App Store (Click Here). A simple review goes a long, long, LOOONG way in helping us make this app even BETTER.

Talk to you soon, doc!