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No matter your specialty and needs, SeriousMD adapts to you.

Dental Software


Powerful dental software that just works. Make your life easy & get everything you need about your patient in a couple taps. 

Family Practice Software EMR

Family Practice

Your family practice is busy but your patients need the best care. That's why you need the best software to help you.

Neurology EMR Software


Your practice requires a lot of tests & time with your patients. With SeriousMD, you can do everything with just a few clicks.



Automatically calculate Age of Gestation and fully track all your patients and their babies. Everything you need is in SeriousMD.

Ophthalmology EMR EHR


Capture records without losing eye contact. With SeriousMD's note capturing, you can actually be there for your patients.

Orthopedic EMR Software

Orthopedic Surgery

Bring your records anywhere, even in the operating room. Capture what you need, when you need. It just works.

Pediatric EMR Software


Your patients need extra care. With SeriousMD, you can track your patient's progress and always know what to do next.

Psychiatry EMR Software


Mental health is serious business & that's why you can't be distracted when caring for your patients. We can help.

pulmonology EMR


You need to keep track of your patients at all times. SeriousMD tracks vitals over time so you can offer the best care.

Urology EMR


We help you accurately record everything that will help your diagnosis to offer the best kind of care to your patients.

Cardiology Software


In one glance, you can see the progress charts of your patients. Too good to be true? Just try it and see for yourself.

Medical Software for Doctors

& More!

No matter your specialty, SeriousMD will adapt to your needs and requirements. No complicated setup needed.

Do you hate doing administrative work?

SeriousMD helps you manage your practice, whether you have 20 staff members helping you or zero. You are in full control and nothing gets lost.

SeriousMD Doctors EMR EHR

Unobstrusive, so you can offer better care for your patients.

SeriousMD is not your typical EMR. One glance will tell you that it's different. Once you start using it, you'll see that you don't have to do anything extra. Actually, it doesn't interfere with how you normally do things. SeriousMD adapts to you. We want to help you improve your relationships with your patients, not hinder it.

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I just did surgery and accessed SeriousMD Web on my iPhone to document and input my notes in the operating room! I love the accessibility of the app!

-Byron S. Angeles, M.D.

Having an app which has an elaborate design and yet easy to use enabled me to keep track of all my patients' records anytime, anywhere - even when I'm away.

-Leila Hedriana-Baroña, M.D.

SeriousMD has helped me a lot in my practice. I use it for my 2 clinics and store patients' SOAP and lab tests on line and retrieve them easily at any time from anywhere including the operating room. It's the EMR I've been looking for.

-John Andrew Michael Bengzon, M.D.

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