Corona Virus COVID-19 Printout Posters & Social Media Content

We noticed that a lot of you were creating Facebook Pages about your practices.

One of the hardest things when managing a Page is to actually have content to post, so we thought it would be nice if we could come up with some graphics for you to share on your social media pages while raise awareness about COVID-19.

We also noticed that a lot of you enjoyed our QR posters. This may be a good way to help share other images that you can print out and post in the clinic or at home.

Check these out and save what you need. A bulk download link is at the end.




protect your home from covid 19

use a face mask

wash hands properly covid protect yourself from covid




Here’s a controversial one 😆 😂

Corona virus tip poster


#Coronavirus #PreventativeMeasures


what is corona virus

social distancing covid poster

avoid touching your face covid covid disease prevention covid viral kindness wash your hands covid social distancing against coronavirus wash hands instructions covid cough corona virus sane sanitized disease corona covid prevention eat wash hands stay home quarantine stay home avoid crowds covid

window visit covid 19 covid 19 basics stay home connected



covid 19 anxiety tips




stay home corona virus



how to protect yourself from covid



contain the corona virus


wash your hands corona


covid 19 virus corona virus


covid 19 poster warning


covid 19 poster awareness wear a mask covid 19 poster awareness covid 19 poster awareness stay home be connected


For Your Stories


Story - stay home vs covid Story - staying at home vs covid Story - dont touch your face Story - basic measures



Being a Good Neighbor


neighbor help covid 4 neighbor help covid neighbor help covid 3 neighbor help covid 2

neighbor help covid 5





asking face mask

when the pandemic ends

So, let’s end it with this. What’s your answer?


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