Permissions, Controls and More

This is the 2nd to the last major update for Version 1.0 of SeriousMD.

Yes, it’s finally come to that point. We’re running out of version numbers with all these releases.

Seriously, the app is now so far from what it was when we first released it. A lot of the things in the app now were not even considered in the original design. That’s why we’re re-imagining what SeriousMD should be for Version 2.0.

After getting to know all of you, we think we can help you be even more efficient. We hear these everyday:

“You’ve cut down my consult time to 15 minutes!”
“I can now see 30 patients easily!”
“I get home in time for dinner now!”

Well, let’s just say that we have something big in store for you to help you optimize your workflow even more.

Anyway, here’s what’s included in this MAJOR update.

Permissions and Sub-Users

You asked for it, now it’s here! We’ve been working on this for a long time and it’s finally out.

Sneak peek of permissions

Sneak Peek

Today, you can now enable access to your sub-users on iOS and enable permission limits.

  • Don’t want your secretary to have access to the notes? Done!
  • Don’t want your nurse to have access to appointments? Done!

Customize it the way you need it to fit your process in the clinic!

Best of all? If you lose internet, you can keep the data on the iOS device and sync it once the internet is back on. That’s less loading time you have to deal with on the browser. BAM! It’s a great compliment to the previous two releases.

Oh, wait! There’s more!

Calendar Settings

There are a ton of things added to the calendar but we’ll just mention the main ones you’ll care about.

  • Your calendar can now start at the time you want.
  • You can add color to your events!
  • Filter what you only want to see on your calendar. Don’t want to see your clinic schedule but just see patient appointments and events? Done! Just uncheck it in the Settings.
  • Do you run your practice strictly with time blocks? Noticed that our calendar couldn’t accommodate 5 minute (or so) time blocks? Starting with this update, you can now adjust that to fit how you run your practice!

Reason for Visit – Now with Colors

Your queue will now shower you with colors! Did you already customize your “reasons for visit” in the settings? Today, you can add color to each one.

It will help you easily classify patient visits just by looking at the color. Might not seem useful right now, but just try it, you’ll love it.

SeriousMD Reasons for Visit Queue organization

SOAP Printing

It’s finally here! Print it out and attach it when it’s needed.

print SOAP

Minor But Notable Things

RX in Prescriptions

We improved printing with custom headers and footers last time but omitted the RX sign due to time constraints just so we could release it in time. Today, we’ve brought it back.

Alphabetical Prescription Favorites

Your prescription favorites are a mess…not anymore! Today, it’s alphabetically organized. Shoutout to Doc Glenn Guevara for this request.

Blank Prescription Printing

I have to admit, this is weird, but somebody asked for this. You can now print your own blank prescriptions and write on it when you want to.


That’s a Wrap!

On to the next BIG one and it’s a BIG one as it’s the final release before we release Version 2 of SeriousMD.

You have to admit, there’s no platform out there that’s like SeriousMD. Support us, share the word, scream it out loud. Every doctor should be using SeriousMD in 2018!

We need more doctors to use SeriousMD in order to release updates that require more processing power. If you do any sort of research, you’ll love it once we can release what we have in store for you, so PLEASE don’t stop inviting more doctors.

Be sure to show your love for SeriousMD.

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