Queue-less Notes and More – Phase 1

It’s that time of the year and the best way to show how much we ❤️ you is by giving you something you need.

We’re releasing a major update in February and this is just Phase 1.

What’s in this update? For one, a new Valentine’s themed icon!

SeriousMD Icon

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Appointment-less Notes

We like calling it Queue-less notes but whatever you want to call it, you can now save notes even without queueing. The date will still be saved automatically. Had a consult over the phone, note it down without queueing to a clinic!

Multiple SOAP

You can now make multiple encounters on the same date.


Date format is now changed. Just add the year if that’s the only thing your patient remembers.

Substance Use

More specific options for input on cigarettes and alcohol.

Menstrual History and Sexual History

Improvements on the input, squashed bugs and removed the automatic options even if you didn’t select anything.

New Additions to Lab Requests

Lots of new additional options to make it more specific depending on your needs.

Printing Prescriptions

Now, only generic name is bold.

Prescription Remarks

Have a custom way of adding a date on the prescription? Maybe you want to add a specific note for the patient? Here’s your chance.

Order of Notes and Images

Notes and images taken on the same encounter will show the same way when viewed across devices.



A lot of updates included in this release and one more BIG one is coming to complete this major update. We can’t wait to show it to you. If you aren’t reading our emails, be sure to subscribe via Messenger or join the Group.

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