Version Update: SeriousMD Doctors Version 1.3

Hello Docs!

Version 1.3 is a HUGE update.

It may not seem like it when you first look at it, but a lot has changed to optimize the way you work with SeriousMD Doctors.

There are a lot of improvements (which I will dive into more in a bit) BUT they all pale in comparison to what you won’t see in the backend.

Why? We’re preparing for a HUGE update for version 1.4 and this is where it all begins.

(What’s in 1.4? Join our private group for Filipino doctors to find out.)

You need to UPDATE your app to version 1.3 to be able to sync. You will still be able to use it but you just won’t be able to sync and backup your data. So please head on over to the App Store and update your app if it’s not set to automatically update.

Again, this is mandatory for everybody using the app. We’re working hard to bring you the best clinic management and EMR app out there and in order to keep improving the app, we need to keep making it better for you and the updates are part of it. Don’t worry, your data are all safely stored and won’t be affected with the updates.

Now, here are the things that we updated and optimized for you in this version of SeriousMD Doctors. (These are mostly for iPad but a lot applies to the complimentary Web app as well.)


You can now create test/imaging requests right from the app! You’ll noticed that there is a new template in the notes area now, so just tap on that, find the test you need, print it out and sign it.

(Can it get any easier than that? YES, we have something in the works to make it even BETTER for you but we’ll need more doctors to be able to pull it off. Be sure to invite your peers to join in. Even current residents are welcome to sign up!)

Ahem, so going back to the new feature, you’ll be able to:

  • “Search” for every test you need
  • You can tag a certain test as “Favourite” (tap the Star on the right) to always remember your most used imaging requests.
  • Forgot to tag a test as Favourite? Check out the “Recent” list.

If you see something that is misplaced or could be improved, do let us know.

Noticed the empty space besides the Imaging template? Stay tuned. Wink

Imaging Lab Requests Philippines


An all new, “as good as the real one” template for prescriptions is now here.

It used to print well, but now, it can print multiple pages. Your S2 and PTR numbers will now auto-magically appear there if you enter them in your profile.

Oh, yes we do listen to you all: say goodbye to “PILL” and say hello to “CAPSULE.” (Sorry for making that mistake in the first place, docs!)

Special shoutout to Doc Byron for spotting the initial design mistakes.


Your profile has been improved with S2 & PTR plus a pretty & clean Profile Preview to get ready for SeriousMD Search. When patients see you in our search feature, they will be able to see that without the sensitive data that you don’t want them to see.

It’s coming soon, so this is just the start.


Did you book a schedule with a patient that’s not on your usual schedule? Now, you’ll be able to see it on your calendar!

Feel like you need to work more??! Then you can now select the All Day schedule. (Kidding aside, we built this function in for residents, so please do tell your residents about SeriousMD Doctors.)

How about Residents? We get that question all the time! You can now simply use the All Day function! Know more doctors that are not using SeriousMD? Do ask them to sign up and start using SeriousMD Doctors.
(Hint: You’ll be able to “Refer” patients in a future version. Start using SeriousMD Doctors today, even if it’s just for EMR.)


We got a TON of requests for this, so here it is! Patient Sorting via last name is now here! It’s there now in the settings area!

Adding a new Patient is now EASIER than ever. How?

  • Each important form field will now start with a capital letter.
  • Added too many empty medication fields? No worries. They’ll disappear on their own.
  • Blood Type now starts with Unknown! Yes, finally.

How about the Patient profile?

  • HMO will now appear at the top of the patient profile.
  • Need to see more information about the patient? You now have an extended patient profile area. Just tap the arrow pointing down.
  • Need patient numbers? It’s there now. You can search for it, too. Try it!
  • PRIVATE NOTES are now available. These are notes that only you will be able to see. Want to remember if the patient annoys you? Add it in there.

Private Patient Notes

Oh, one last thing, you can now print out the whole patient profile!


We have a new design for the queue. It’s subtle but it adds to your experience. As you know by now, we are picky with designs as we want you to enjoy using SeriousMD Doctors while being super productive.

We have a question though, do you think we should change the word “Queue” to something else? What was your first impression when you first saw it? Let us know in the comments or email us!


Are you ALWAYS SQUINTING? You can now change the font size! NO MORE SQUINTING!

Your S2 and/or PTR numbers will now show in the proper places automatically. Even with the imaging requests.

You now have an all new and improved cropping & rotate tool for images. You can now zoom in & out when in preview mode as well.

We also improved the image quality but also made uploads faster!


Those long addresses that overlap on fields are no more! You also have better margins all around. Printing notes will now have proper headers.

Oh, did it use to not have the patient’s name? It’s there now!


  • In your patient profile, patients below 5 years old will now show months. For those below 1 year old, it will also show the weeks. Shoutout to Doc @Gan.
  • Works with Opera and Microsoft Edge now!
  • Patient numbers are now here! It automatically generates once you connect to the internet. You can also search for it. Just type in a number to see how it works!
  • Manual Sync is now here! For those with painfully slow internet or those that use multiple devices that need the queue or new patient info to sync faster, just tap on the manual sync button in the Settings area.
  • Health Records now with a search box to make it EASIER!
  • Bulk Patient Imports are now here & easier than ever. Transfer over from your old system easily! Need help? Talk to us so we can let you know what to do.
  • Push Notifications are here!


We’re naming ultra rare bugs after our beloved and awesome doctors that found them.

  • Fixed the ultra elusive “MIKEY Bug”
  • Fixed the super rare “JOEY Sync Bug”

SeriousMD Testimonials

Thanks for finding those, Docs! They are now fixed!

Now you know why having more doctors using SeriousMD can help. With different use-case scenarios in the real world, we’ll be able to find those rare bugs that normally won’t be found.

That’s it for the updates in version 1.3!

We believe proper EMR keeping will help save MILLIONS of lives. By putting in the time today to learn & implement the app to your daily process, you will be able to serve even more people today and you’ll help save thousands, if not millions, of lives in the future. How? For one, your patients will have their own records when they access their account. Armed with their medical history, doctors they see in the future will be able to diagnose their issue correctly and that is why what you do today is vital. All the things YOU do with SeriousMD Doctors are important. We talk about it a bit more here.

We’re here every step of the way for you. Just start using SeriousMD Doctors, help us spread the word and let’s improve Philippine healthcare for the better, together.

Join our private group for Filipino doctors and dentists ( to get the latest news & see how your fellow doctors are using SeriousMD Doctors.

After you update the app, please do try it out and check out the new features. We don’t expect any issues but if you encounter issues logging in or syncing, just log out and log back in again. Again, we’re here to help if you encounter any issues.

Do drop us a review in the App Store when you have some spare time. Each 5 star review you leave (for each version) will help us get more doctors on board and that will help us make the app even better for you. Thank you!