Our Story, Vision & Why We Appreciate Your Help

Over the past couple months, we’ve received great feedback from our awesome Filipino Doctors. We want to thank you for the support and being patient with us. No software is 100% perfect on the first release but we’re working hard towards making it one.

Within the next 3 updates, we will be addressing almost ALL of those requests and suggestions. We know it takes a bit of time but it will be worth it. (Loving SeriousMD Doctors so far? Share it to your Peers and Help Us Grow!)

With all the feedback we received, we also got a lot of the same questions over and over again, which usually pertains to why we are doing what we are doing now.

This post was created to give you a better idea of who we are, what we’re doing, what we’re planning, how it can help the Philippines and why we are devoted to SeriousMD.

Our Story (Short Version)

We’re an agile team with a pretty BIG dream.

From our founder, to every member in our team, we all have experienced personal issues related to local healthcare and it’s why we’re all-in with SeriousMD.

We want to make the best possible platform that will actually mean something to Filipinos all over.

A platform that will improve lives.

Medical Software Philippines

Our Vision for the Product

Imagine everything being easily accessible, minimal paperwork, organized files, less clutter in your clinic, better diagnosis, better patient queue management, improved business efficiency, streamlined processes, better diagnosis and MORE.

Won’t that save you time, money and space?

Looking at the bigger picture, with more doctors having better access to patient information, won’t that save a LOT more lives?

That’s just the beginning though.

Digitizing medical information is the future. We’re not here to pitch “paperless” to you because we know that it’s not possible in most cases. Instead, look at it as a way to make things more convenient for you. Both digital (SeriousMD) and analog (pen and paper) can work together.

We see SeriousMD as the goto healthcare platform in the Philippines. Doctors can easily manage their practice with the SeriousMD Doctors app. Patients, will have their own app in the future. Both Doctors and Patients will also have a web version that can be used as well.

It’s all interconnected to make up one healthcare platform to make it very easy for patients to find the right doctor for them, while being able to simply share their past records with the doctor they are visiting. Better diagnosis all around. (This is the current statistics in the US for deaths caused by misdiagnosis, imagine what ours is over here.)

While it may not sound exciting to some, it is both life changing and life saving. That alone is worth it.

Dentist App SeriousMD

Why It’s Only for iPad, Right Now

For now, the app is focused on the iPad.

The screen space, the computing power, security, the overall reliability. It’s the ideal device to use for a business. We are also polishing up everything that’s possible before moving on to other platforms.

We currently also have a web app version that can act like a companion app as it works together seamlessly with the iPad app.

For those that want to use SeriousMD Doctors on other devices, it can be used on smartphones and tablets, whether it’s running Windows, Android or iOS. Just load the browser (such as Chrome) then login to your account.


The iPhone version is our next priority. It’s currently in the early stages of being designed.

The user experience and user interface are VERY important to us. I’m sure you’d agree with us that it’s one of the reasons why you are using it now. As mentioned, the iPad has nice screen space for you to add notes on and it’s really powerful. Converting SeriousMD Doctors to the iPhone is not as easy as just slapping on the same design as it definitely won’t work.

In any case, the wait will be worth it. We’re sure you will love the iPhone version when we finally release it.

What’s Coming

There are a ton of features coming soon.

You’ll be able to use SOAP notes (we posted a teaser design here) sooner rather than later, a way for messaging within the app, improved features for residents/consultants, you’ll get an even better interface for bulk importing your existing patient records, heck even the web search is coming.

If you are hesitant because you tried some other apps that didn’t work out in the past, then give us a try.

We’re here to offer support, we have step by step documentation that’s continuously being improved and we have tutorial videos coming, too. If you are a medical practitioner in the Philippines, then there’s a way to make SeriousMD Doctors work for you and your existing process.

How about for Smartphone users? As mentioned above, SeriousMD Doctors was designed specifically for iPad, simply because of screen space, security and power BUT we’re already in the early stages of designing one for the iPhone. How about Android users? We’re going to make one for you as well. For the mean time, if you really must use it on those devices, please use the web app by logging in using the browser of your device.

Why Doctors Should Start Using SeriousMD Doctors

Some of you probably inquired to have a desktop EMR system developed. Some of you already had.

Usually, it’ll cost a huge chunk of change but it’ll just look similar to a spreadsheet or a bland form. It’s clunky and only works on your desktop. It’s not the 90’s anymore.

You need a better user interface, you need a system that can adapt and change with you. You need a reliable system that will stand the test of time. A system that can cater to your patients, while making it easier for you to care for them.

SeriousMD Doctors enables you to do all of those, while:

  • Keeping paperwork minimal. It saves you a ton of space when you don’t have to show off those file cabinets.
  • You get software that’s consistently updated with new features that you need
  • It’s cross-platform (works with multiple operating systems)
  • The apps work offline, while the web app can work anywhere you need it
  • It syncs to multiple devices, so you can have your staff manage other parts of the process
  • It’s designed for Filipinos and your process
  • You get the commitment to improving security as technology changes
  • It enables you to be more efficient so you can serve even more patients
  • Better diagnosis as you can see your patient’s medical records, labs and imaging. When the Patient App is release, you’ll even see their past records and it’s possible to show their sessions with their other doctors.

At the end of the day, when Filipinos are using a standardized software, more lives will be saved, better care will be given and the quality of Philippine healthcare will jump exponentially.

SeriousMD Doctors Help

We’re Here To Stay But We’ll Still Need Your Help

The Philippines is a big country. We’ll need your help to reach doctors & dentists that can use SeriousMD Doctors for their practice. There’s no way we can change anything for the better without your help.

Each Time You Do These, You Help Us Grow:

  • Every time you share SeriousMD Doctors on social media, email or your chat app (WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc.)
  • Everytime you invite your peer using the Invite function in the SeriousMD app Dashboard
  • Every App Store review you give us
  • Everyday you use the app in your practice
  • Every way you can help us spread the word, whether you write for a newspaper, magazine, newsletter or blog on the side.

It all counts.

We get to improve the app for you, we get to squash bugs to polish the app further, more patients will be diagnosed better, more lives will be saved and bit by bit, we can help improve healthcare for Filipinos everywhere.

We know things won’t change overnight, but done consistently, things will start to happen.

We can do it. We can change Philippine healthcare for the better, together.

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