SeriousMD Update: Say Hello to Tables

You’ve been requesting for this for a while now, well, it’s finally here!

Introducing: Tables

Now, you can add and track what you need via a table, then look at it in pretty graphs.

  • Go to Vitals
  • Add what you need
  • Add reference data if you want to
  • See how your patients are improving over time

Neat, huh?


There are also a bunch of other improvements included in this update, here are just some of them.

  1. Text editor – You can now append using multiple text templates together!
  2. Vitals conversion bug fix inside SOAP – It now converts properly inside the SOAP template.
  3. Vitals set to Daily by default – Probably the most requested thing the past month.
  4. Vitals Popup – now adjusts based on what’s turned on
  5. Vitals WHO Growth Charts for ages 5+ – Pedias rejoice!
  6. Fixed finished check up to schedule bug – Now, your Finished Checkup stays checked.
  7. Added Negative to Keyboard for iPhone Billing – You can now deduct on the iPhone.
  8. Fixed the rare permission blocking when you Logout and then Login – Happens to old registered users that just updated only recently
  9. Messenger Invites – Fixed the contacts bug. Verified invites will now show up in your contacts on iOS.

That’s it!

This is the final update for Version 1 of SeriousMD. No more major releases will be done (just bug fixes) after this update. The web team has been working on V2 for the past 2 months already.

Now, everybody on the SeriousMD team is jumping on the Version 2 wagon.

Why the redesign? We released a ton of things not intended in the original design. By redesigning the app, it integrates everything into a more cohesive flow, hence giving you more flexibility and increases your speed on the app, which gives you more time for your patients. It’ll also include your other requests that are not yet out (signing off, etc.)

If you’ve been with us since the start, you’ve seen the large number of releases we’ve been doing. We hope you appreciate the hard work the team has been putting in to the app for the past 3 years to make it something really awesome, something you’ll really love.

We’ll be quiet for the next couple of months but please don’t stop talking and referring us to your peers.

Be sure to join the group to see previews of V2.

Trust us, Version 2 will blow you away.


Support SeriousMD

Support us, share the word, scream it out loud. Every doctor should be using SeriousMD in 2018!

We need more doctors to use SeriousMD in order to release updates that require more processing power. If you do any sort of research, you’ll love it once we can release what we have in store for you, so PLEASE don’t stop inviting more doctors to join in right now.

Be sure to show your love for SeriousMD.

Every little help counts.

It won’t take more than 1 minute to share your experience to other doctors because a lot of them are still on the edge or just cannot decide.

Note: This is a mandatory update for your iOS app. Please update now.