SeriousMD News: Addressing the Pricing Question

From the office of SeriousMD… here’s a quick update.

As we’re gearing up to release the next update and the pretty surprises in it, we thought it would be best to finally address the elephant in the room.

Long story short, we initially planned to release “upgrade” plans much later on as we’re still fleshing out the app but we’ve gotten enough emails over the past months from both users and potential-users asking about our pricing to last a lifetime.
(A lot of potential-users won’t even sign up to “try” it because it’s “free” according to them.)

We had issues with “charging” at the start, especially after doing our rounds of surveys all around the Philippines:

  • A majority of the responses are already scared of trying out digital records.
  • Adding another barrier (“cost” even if the app was $0.99) will be the nail in the coffin and will really prevent them from even trying it out.
  • On another hand, we got a group of responses that are bothered that it’s “free” mainly of the possibility of losing data if we “fold” or “skipped town”, subsequently, they answered that they do not want to pay… which added to the confusion.

Here’s our take:

  1. We wanted to make sure we produce something that you’d love to use
  2. Something that is convenient, easily accessible, yet still secure
  3. It needed to be something that is world-class
  4. Something that makes your life easier
  5. Gives you more freedom
  6. It should be something that sets the bar really, really, really high
  7. And at the same time, improves your business, hence making you more money

Combining all of those, we’ve created a pricing structure that will benefit the different types/mindsets of doctors, no matter what your current position/situation is.

We’ve already talked with different users about the plans & pricing. We also weighed their feedback and their experiences with other software companies.

We’re going to show our plans here for the first time and include a brief explanation.

Basic Plan (Free)

  • The free plan comes with 100 patient slots. Unlimited records can be added to those 100 patients. Based on stats, it’s more than enough for new doctors to use and test the app.
  • Residents will have enough time to use the app and test it. A future patient referral system will be available, so consultants can share it with their residents.
  • You can increase the patient slots by successfully referring other registered doctors. Over time, we’ll add more ways to increase patient slots.

Those that don’t want to upgrade yet will still have full access to the app and as they refer other doctors, they will keep increasing their patient limits.

Right NOW is the best time to start referring other doctors. Patient referrals and other interconnectivity features are coming sooner, rather than later.

Pro Plan (Paid Plan)

  • You get everything from the Free plan
  • You get an unrestricted number of patient slots and record upload/backup
  • You’ll have access to reports and analytics to better improve your practice
  • You’ll have a great discount if you choose the annual option
  • Premium support
  • Access to integrations as well as the upcoming booking feature should be more than enough to get you new patients month in and month out. (Be sure to fully fill up your profile when the time comes.)

Check out the pricing page here. We’re still building out a couple of the things on those lists right now, so it’ll be some time before we can start with the plans.


1. What happens when you are on the free plan fill up the slots?
You’ll be able to add more data to your existing patients and those will continue to sync but not net patients. There will be multiple notifications so there’s ample time before reaching the limit.

2. Is this upgrade/pricing active already?
Not yet. We’re just showing it to you first, so you can opt to share it with your peers and invite them to join now to start earning patient slots. We plan to start sometime in January 2017 but we’ll be sure to announce the exact date way ahead of time.

3. Early adopters?
Don’t worry, you’ll get great deals. We don’t forget.

4. Patient slots per referral?
Initially, you’ll get 10 free slots per successful referral. Successful means that they need to sign up, add their verified PRC number and try out the app. As they do more in the app and eventually subscribe to a paid plan, you will be credited with up to 25 free slots.

5. Can I earn slots now and are my referrals from the past counted?
Yes, you can and they are counted if you used the email referral box. As long as they signed up on that link’s page, then it will be counted.

6. How can I easily share my referral link? Will I see how many I’ve successfully referred?
We’re still building a platform for this one. It will be coming out really soon. For the mean time, you can invite through email using the Invite area on your dashboard.

7. Will the other apps be included in the plans? Will there be a device limit?
We haven’t seen any need to limit devices yet. The other apps that we’ll release (OSX/iPhone/Desktop/Android) will be free to download and install as well.

8. Will there be an Enterprise plan?
Yes. Currently, the app is built for a “1 doctor-many clinics” setup. The enterprise plan will solve that issue of a “1 clinic-multiple doctors” setup. Oh, yes, your SeriousMD account will work with that enterprise app as well. How? We’ll explain next time. SeriousMD as a hospital system? What do you think?

Over the past months, you’ve all seen what our product can do, what the team can accomplish and you can probably imagine what it will be able to do soon enough.

We’ve known each other in a short span of time but to all of you that have supported us right from the start (you know who you are) on behalf of the team, I’d like to thank you for sticking with us. (Some of you even signed up back in March and are still using it today!)

You can still send in your feedback like usual, you can still talk to us, joke with us or even drop us some OC things that you noticed, like how our test request list should be more uniform. It’s all good!

Feedback is feedback… it’s better than NO feedback at all. Dealing with doctors, we know it’s hard to get feedback. You’re all super busy and we totally understand. (If you combine my in-app messages, emails and FB posts to get feedback, I’m probably the most “seen-zoned” person in the world right now. Thank you for taking time to even read this one though.)

We truly believe that together, we can improve Philippine healthcare. We know we can’t do it alone.

We’ll need your help in spreading the word. You’ll highly benefit from it, your friends and your patients will as well.

This is just the beginning. Let’s make it happen!

Until the next update. Watch out for it.

PS. Sorry for the long and sappy message.

PPS. To our dear ortho/dentists, we know you are already using the app now and thank you for bearing with us. The features for your specialty will come out soon enough. For feedbacks, be sure to send them in.