SeriousMD EMR Referral System: Jumpstart Your Medical Practice for Free

It’s been 9 months since we released the first version of SeriousMD.

What a few months can make. The app looks like another app now compared to what it looked like back then.

Smart automation, multi-size printing, a freaking giant SOAP form for OCD’s 😁, heck, even a full ICD10 database plus a medicine database.

A month from now, we’ll be releasing the next step, which is our biggest update of the year.

That release will kickstart our era of offering our first paid plan.

For those that are new to SeriousMD or have signed up but never used it for some reason, well, SURPRISE, we’ve been free since March 2016. It’s about time that we release a paid plan to help solidify your trust in our platform.

With that said, we’re in no way alienating all of you that are just starting out with your practice.

The Free plan that we’re offering will basically be super useful for residents, new consultants and to more seasoned consultants that need more time to test the app primarily because you can extend your free usage indefinitely. It’s practically a free EMR that you can use until you’re ready to take the next step.

Upon sign up, you’ll automatically have access to a 30 day trial of the Pro plan then you can either upgrade or let it downgrade to a Free plan.

The Free plan by default gives you 100 patient slots to fill up and use. We made sure to add rewards inside that app as you use it more and more. You’ll easily get to 200 free patient slots if you are really serious (no pun) in going fully digital with your medical practice.

We also added a referral system that will reward you with even more patient slots.

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Sign up, either using the web app or the iOS app
  2. When you are inside the app, just tap on Invite Doctors on the dashboard
  3. Start inviting your friends! (You have various options, from emailing your friends, to copying just your referral link that you can share to your Facebook groups/Twitter stream, share to your Facebook feed or you can even send a pre-written message to your Facebook Messenger groups, Viber Groups, Whatsapp Groups, iMessage friends and so on!)

For each verified sign up, you’ll get bonus referral slots. If they use the app regularly or even signs up for a paid plan, you’ll also get bonus patient slots.


Free EMR SeriousMD

With our new referral system, you’ll easily boost it up to 500+ patient slots.

That will give you more than enough time to establish your medical practice as well as enough time to realize how SeriousMD’s platform can actually help you be more efficient, serve more patients, offer better care and improve your business.

Right now is the best time to get started.

  • Residents can start inviting now and you can make use of it in the future.
  • Senior residents and new consultants can start inviting now to make the most of the free plan!
  • Long-time consultants can make use of the referral system to further increase the trial period if they need more time.

Future proof your practice by starting the right way with SeriousMD. Let’s improve Philippine healthcare, together!

Start referring your batchmates, peers, profs and friends!

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