In-Patient Tracking and Census – Phase 2

We’ve been hard at work here in the SeriousMD labs to bring you this major update.

Since it’s our 2nd year anniversary today, we wanted to give every doctor out there a special present.

This release is Phase 2, it’s what we call the “in-patient release” – we’ve received enough requests for this to fill up the Titanic, so here it is! 🙂

It took us a while because we had to fundamentally change how we handle notes inside SeriousMD.
That’s why we introduced “New Encounters” in Phase 1 just a couple weeks ago.

This is Phase 2 and it completes our in-patients mega update.

So, what’s new this time around?

Track Your In-Patients

Track all your in-patients. Admit them, discharge them, record everything you need. It’s all here. Add your diagnosis and it will automatically create a SOAP for you. You’ll discover more things as you continue to use it.

There’s not much more to say but just go and try it.

Reports and Census

Go to the Reports module. Now, look at what we’ve added there.

If we haven’t said it enough in the past, well…now, do you see the possibilities?

You now have access to automated reports and census data for your in-patients and out-patients.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how this can help you and perhaps eventually, your societies and even your medical group. Let’s discuss it inside the group!

PS. Need your nationwide census or department wide census created? Let’s talk.


  • Improvement to New Encounters
  • You can now save text for the image template
  • Optimized Patient List and Search
  • Procedure Date Improvement
  • New Additions to Health Records and Lab Requests
  • Fixed a Bug in the Calendar when scheduling with a Whole Day Event then Jumping to the Queue

This release completes the 2-part major update. That’s it.

There are a lot of other improvements and bug fixes that are in there but I’m sure you’d like to focus on playing with the shiny new toys. Note: Phase 2 – THIS IS A MAJOR UPDATE. YOU NEED TO UPDATE or Syncing Will Stop.

Seems like a few things but that took a lot of work from the SeriousMD team.

On to the next BIG one! Yes, we still have a ton on our list… and we’re REALLY excited to show them to you.
Seems like it never ends, huh?

Be sure to show your love by showing-off (* AKA forcing) SeriousMD to your peers. 😀

The more doctors using SeriousMD day in and day out, the better we’ll be able to handle your requests.

You have to admit, there’s no platform out there that’s like SeriousMD. Support us, share the word, scream it out loud.
Every doctor should be using SeriousMD.

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BTW, about the NPC Phase 1 deadline, we just published a post about it. By going with SeriousMD, you already made things easier for yourself. If you are still using paper records, might as well start using SeriousMD because we can help with Phase 2 requirements.