SeriousMD Doctors – What’s New? December 2017

It’s been a while since our last product update here on the blog. Why?

We’ve been swamped with releases, one after the other.

It was also a great opportunity to try out different platforms to inform everybody about the changes we do inside SeriousMD.

  • We have released a public changelog so we can show you updates as they happen.
  • We announce it inside the private group
  • We have our updates log inside the App Store
  • We created a public roadmap
  • We send in-app notifications and email newsletters
  • Believe it or not, we also talk about it on other online/offline platforms

As it’s already December, we reviewed what we’ve done for the past 6 months and as it turns out, the blog was still one of the best ways to inform doctors about the new updates.

So, with that said, we’ll be doing more blog posts in the future for bigger releases.

Anyway, let’s get started with the updates in December… so far. Yes, we do have at least 2 more releases before the year ends. #WeAreWhatWeDo

What’s in This Update?

  • Compute EDD by AoG and Ultrasound Date – You asked for it, here you go! Save even more time and serve more patients! Shoutout to Dr. Rubio for suggesting this.

  • PhilHealth in SOAP – By the time you see this, the PhilHealth case rates database would be doubled in size. We’re still improving it as I type this. Shoutout to Dr. Amboang!

  • File Attachments – Bam! The biggest update to date. Now you can import your PDF, audio files, heck even VIDEOS. Just make sure your internet connection can handle the upload.


There were also a bunch of improvements for inventory, reports and custom headers for notes as well as the usual bug fixes.

We’ll be doing a recap of the things that we did this 2017 in an upcoming blog post and we will be revealing some details on what we’re planning in 2018 so watch out for our announcement later this month.

For now:

Simple things like reviewing or telling other doctors about SeriousMD will go a long way in helping us serve you better.


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