SeriousMD: 2017 Year in Review and 2018 Preview

It has been a crazy 2017 for the SeriousMD team.

As cliche as this might sound, a lot of blood, sweat and tears were shed to bring out one amazing update after another.

If you’ve been with us since the start almost 2 years ago or at least for a few months now, you saw the evolution of SeriousMD from a note taking app, into a full-featured Practice Management System.

And we aren’t done yet.

Accomplishments in 2017?

We’ve been releasing updates, improvements and new features consistently for almost 2 years now.

We release at least 2 versions each month and in multiple months, we released 1 update per week.

There’s no other healthcare app out there that can come close. Check it.

I can’t even see our logs in the App Store now because it’s so long. Apple already hid half of it!

That’s how dedicated we are in making this work towards making healthcare better.

Here are just some of the highlights of 2017:

1. The Smart Bar – How could we have launched back in 2016 without this?

2. Prescription Mega Update – This feels like it’s been so long, but it just happened earlier this year.

3. OB-Gyn Update – Throw away those OB-wheels and other apps. Track everything, including EDD inside SeriousMD.

4. Accounts Mega Update – Create accounts for your secretary, nurse and even your accountant.

5. Secretary Dashboard – Multiple doctors using SeriousMD but sharing a secretary? Use this dashboard.

6. Billing Mega Update – Everything you need, including an inventory. More improvements coming soon.

7. Mobile Views Update – Android user? Just try SeriousMD on your Android browser. You’ll love it.

8. iPhone App Release – The third platform we released on. It’s the perfect compliment to how you use SeriousMD.

9. Templates Mega Update – Cut your note taking time in half with pre-built templates and it will only get better.

10. SeriousMD Messenger – Messenger changed the game with patient referrals and being a hub for secure communications. Oh, this is just Version 1.0.

11. Mega Appointments and Calendar Update – Timeblocks, event management, reminders and notifications. Wait for Version 2.0 to see what’s in-store for those that are super strict with time slots.

12. Inventory – Inventory management, notifications and reports.

13. Notifications and SMS Mega Update – Can you still remember SeriousMD without automated reminders? It wasn’t too long ago that this was just a pipe-dream. Now, it’s been helping doctors attain 30-50% higher show up rates. If that’s not enough ROI, then I don’t know what is.

14. File Attachments – You wanted to attach PDF’s right? Now, you can do it. Actually, you can attach different files, even videos.

15. SeriousMD Business Account – We introduced the first version of the SeriousMD business account in the latter part of 2017. As with SeriousMD for private practices, it’s still a work in progress but it’s already being used in community clinics and derma clinics around the Metro. This is currently on a 50% discount for early adopters, so better jump in now as we continue to improve it.

16. Complete Philhealth Case Rates – Estimate inside SOAP or use inside the Billing module. Everything is there. Just try it.

What’s Coming in 2018?

Though we had the patient app penciled in for 2017, we had to change it in order to adapt new priorities.

That meant we had to push the patient app further back in the pipeline.


If doctors didn’t use SeriousMD, the patient app would be practically useless.

That’s why we prioritized tweaking and making the SeriousMD app better for doctors. It would take dedicating a few months just to release it, so we opted to push it back.

If you are wondering when the Android app for SeriousMD Doctors is coming, then we still can’t say just yet.

There are currently a handful of Android devices/models that can pass our security standards at this time, so making one is practically useless if we just limited it to a few devices.

Why? Because a majority of people are still using the old Android versions and the phones cannot handle new security specific features. Making an Android app now just because it’s being requested a lot doesn’t make sense if the trade-off is compromising your data. Right?

As we’re now back from our week of meetings, brainstorming and planning, we’ve come up with a roadmap that will guide us throughout 2018. It’s not everything yet (the list is really long, seriously) but we do expect to adjust depending on certain situations.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see this 2018:

1.  In-Patient Notes & International Timezones

All notes are currently going through the queue. With this release, you’ll be able to add notes anytime, enabling you to add procedure notes and more. We’re also preparing the back end for different ways for you to get patient bookings, this includes international timezone settings for those that accept international bookings. This might look “minor” but this stage basically prepares SeriousMD for Version 2.

Due: First Quarter 2018

2. An All New Way of Looking at Patient Data (Version 2.0)

For the early part of the 2nd quarter, you’ll see some small changes. That means we’re preparing to transition to version 2. It’s a big facelift and overall change on the back. We’re technically replacing what’s there now with a better motor inside and a new chassis in front. If you are a part of the private community, you’ll be seeing some cool previews in the next couple of months. Some of you will also get early access, so we can iron out and stress test it. Our main goal is to make your input process faster by going to our roots, re-imagining the interface, while making it more flexible just so we can add the things you’ve been asking for, like that TABLE. wink 😉

Due: Second Quarter 2018

3. The Online Appointment booking is coming

You’ve seen the public doctor profiles and you might already be getting messages from potential patients by now. We’ll be improving this further in 2018. We’d like to help doctors with old and new practices to reach more potential patients and we’d like to help doctors get even more ROI on their investment for SeriousMD.

Due: Second Half 2018

4. The Patient App is probably going to be out

The Patient app might be coming. It might come earlier as we actually have a working build on hand but… it will still need a lot of work.

Due: Second Half 2018

5. Tons of Improvements

We have a list of things that users ask for and we also have a list from non-users. Prioritizing is always the challenge but we have a plan in place that will make efficient use of time.

Due: Sprinkled Throughout 2018

We Are Not Our Thoughts, We Are What We Do

We live by that saying.

We listen to your feedback, we plan and we take action.

Just thinking doesn’t do jack. Just dreaming about something won’t bring it to life.

I’ve said in a past blog post that no software is perfect right off the bat. I think it’s pretty damn close now.

Many of you reading this have been with us since the start. You’ve seen what we can do.

If you just got started with SeriousMD, you would’ve still noticed that we’ve done a lot of things by now.

I’m sure you could see the potential for the future of healthcare in the right hands.

By empowering doctors such as yourself with the very best tools that are actually used and are helpful, not only will healthcare improve, your life also will as you will have more time for yourself and your family.

Christmas just passed and the new year countdown has begun.

If you are already a SeriousMD user, then you just got your annual report. Hopefully, you loved it and shared it with your friends and peers.

So for the last thing in 2017, we just want to ask for 1 small favor from you.

Please continue to spread the word about SeriousMD.

It’s the holidays, you’ll have a little bit of downtime to be online.

By simply sharing SeriousMD on your Facebook, leaving a review or talking about us in your Viber group, you are helping us be able to improve our service to you.

We are not a pharmaceutical company with bottomless cash-pits. We’re but a simple company here in quiet Escolta.

Every referral from you matters to us.

The more doctors on the SeriousMD platform, the better we can serve you and you’ll start to see that things will actually be easier for you in the long run if your friends are also on-board SeriousMD.

With your help, we can do BIGGER and GREATER things together.

Spread the word.