SeriousMD Doctors – What’s New? July 2017

June was huge! This month? A lot of new features were released in July along with improvements to the interface to help doctors be more productive by helping you do more and with less time looking at the screen, so you can give more of your focus for your patients.

Here are just some of the improvements for July. For the rest of the key improvements, I’m sure you are already enjoying them if you are a SeriousMD user.

Expanded, List and Prescription View:

All new views on the notes tab that you’ll surely love. You might like to see your notes in one flow, so just hit the List button and see the magic happen. Just want to see your prescriptions? Just tap on that button to filter. Shout out to Doctor Robles!

EMR Different Views

Custom Templates:

Over the months, we’ve received a lot of the same feedback from the doctors using SeriousMD to be able to pre-load their own sets so they won’t have to keep re-typing. Well, we built it and now it’s here! Check them out one by one below.

Custom EMR Templates

(1) Custom Text Templates:

Want to create your own medical certificate? Want to create admission forms? Need to make a letter without exiting the SeriousMD app? Just add them as templates and load them when you need them! Check it out here and let us know if you love it!

(2) Custom Grouped Medicine for Prescriptions:

Find yourself recommending the same list of medications to your patients? Create a group of medicines and access them with just a single tap. Check it out here.

(3) Custom Grouped Lab Panels:

Regularly making your patients do the same set of labs? Create a group of labs/imaging requests so you can add them with just a single tap. Read more about it here.

(4) Custom Image Templates:

Ever wanted a way to save your own forms or images to show patients? Take a picture of it and save it as a template. You can reuse it anytime you need it.

Growth Charts for Paediatricians:

There are now WHO growth charts inside the SeriousMD Doctors App. Just turn it on in the Vitals section (height/weight/BMI) by turning on the Reference Data toggle.

This is just the first version and we’ll be improving it further in upcoming updates. Check it out and let us know what you think here.

WHO Growth Chart

Improved Image Notes:

Besides being able to write and draw on top of images, you can now type in text to quickly note your findings down. All image-based templates will let you use this feature.

Other Improvements:

We improved memory management to help older devices. We also added a new SOAP design that perfectly adapts to screen sizes.

We also created an all new dashboard that will auto-update the patient counts as they get added in real-time. It’s being set up to have a much bigger use. 😉

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