SeriousMD 2019 – Updates, Plans and Stuff

2018 blew by so fast.

We went from north to south, clinic to clinic, room to room, literally all over the Philippines talking to interested doctors, we participated in board meetings, we were invited to speak in events and of course, we had a blast meeting a lot our awesome users for the first time.

2019 started off no differently and it’s why I’m only able to post this on the last day of January!

As has been customary with us here on the blog, we’d like to breakdown some of our goals this year.

I know we had to push back some of the things we planned for 2018 to prioritize the more urgent matters that popped up. It doesn’t mean we won’t be pushing to continue them though, just delayed a bit.

To those that have been with us for years already, you know that we are committed to bring you only the best software and service. Things will get done.

Our first major goal in 2019 is to bring out Version 2 of SeriousMD.

This has been delayed of course. Our initial target was to get this released by late December of 2018 but testing and building it out properly is critical.

Version 2 will usher in a completely new design. (Be sure to join the Facebook Group for a sneak peek.)

If you love the crisp and smooth look of the app now, well, let’s just say that we are bringing it to the next level with up to date design standards.

The #1 reason as to why we are even considering this design overhaul is because over the past 3 years, all your feedback created a lot of new features inside SeriousMD, features that were not part of the initial design.

As the workflow for new features weren’t considered with that initial design, additional clicks were added, the flow of how you use it doesn’t feel as seamless and from our side, it was getting harder and harder to build new things in as the app is HUGE right now.

Our designers went through the whole app meticulously and we even ran case studies with doctors currently using the app.

The new design was born from all the new feedback and usage patterns. Version 2 will also give the development team more flexibility as it’s re-built from the ground up.

Unlike other software, our team takes great pride in how you use the app and how it helps you be more efficient. It’s not just for data entry, it’s an integral part of your practice and we want you to enjoy using SeriousMD. AND we’re not just releasing a new major version “number” for show. Imagine if we did, we’d be at version 900 by now.

When Version 2 is released, it will still have the features that you see and use now but don’t expect a new major feature added just yet. Our priority is to release it publicly to everybody, make sure all the bugs and syncing are ironed out, collect feedback, fix and then, that’s the time we will start releasing new features again once things are stable.

Target: 1st half 2019

The Second: Advanced Reports Module

We will be introducing an Advanced Reports Module in 2019. This will help you do analytics and census with your own data. This will be part of a new higher priced plan that we will introduce.

Current Pro users will have free access to the Advanced Reports Module, so if you are still on the fence and not using SeriousMD yet, be sure to upgrade now to Pro so you can have access to this early.

Obviously, we’re not expecting the first release to be perfect yet but as we’ve been doing for years already, we’ll continue to improve it over time with your feedback. I’ve personally used it already and tested it. Oh, I can imagine the smiles now.

Oh, and invite your friends to join SeriousMD already. It’s not that hard to get started. Just DoH it. (Throwback catchphrase there. 😉)

The Third: Establishing More Partnerships and Integrations with Your Hospitals, Your Hospital Departments and Your Societies

We’ve already started partnerships last year with some organizations but more will need to be established in order to really make a change in Philippine healthcare.

If you are one of those that want to usher in change, empower doctors with data and all that, we’d be glad to meet with your departments, medical director and society president.

Just schedule a time with us here or contact us by pressing the button at the lower right of the screen.

BTW, did you enjoy your awesome, data powered, enlightening report? Thanks to everybody that shared it!

The Fourth: That Elusive Patient App

We just had a long planning session and ran a bunch of surveys for the patient app. We have the target use-case already in mind. One thing I can say, it’s going to be different from any other patient app out there.

True, the SeriousMD patient app has been a long time coming. We delayed it for a year already and this should be the year we release the first version.

If you have ideas for what to name the patient app, we’re all ears… because we definitely can’t call it SeriousMD. LOL.

The Fifth: Longshot but It’s a Goal. The SeriousMD Mac App

We’re not 100% sure yet with this one as it will solely rely on Apple’s end. If they release the updates to Mojave with no issues and only slight delays are encountered in our roadmap, we should be able to build a native Mac app in 2019. Again, this isn’t 100%. Here’s to Apple stepping up this year. 😆

Expect some other fun stuff from us as well! We’ll be doing talks, posting on other media platforms and launching a podcast soon. If we ask you to be a guest, please don’t say no! 😅

And…that’s it! We’re not listing down all the big updates and innovations we have planned. These are just the major major major ones. 2019 is going to be a pivotal year for us and we also expect a lot of ups and downs but with your support, we’re confident that we can pull these off.

Together, we are strong. Together, we can make a difference in Philippine healthcare.

Continue to help us get more of your fellow doctors to stop relying on paper. It’s time to jump over. Invite more doctors to join SeriousMD.